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If constitutional documents do not state Latin transcription of the residence address please define and indicate the address using Latin alphabet. If you selected “No” here but in question 2 and/or 3 provided a US address, and/or a US phone number in question 4, and/or selected “Yes” for question 6, file the Form W-8 and a copy of registration certificate to certify your non-US person status.If you selected “Yes” here but “No” for question 5, please provide a copy of registration certificate or the Form W8 to certify your non-US person status.An entity is considered to be part of an expanded affiliated group or considered to be a related entity of another entity if either entity controls the other entity, or the two entities are under common control.

If constitutional documents do not state Latin transcription of the entity name please define and indicate the name using Latin alphabet.

Please indicate residence address as stated in constitutional documents.

The Entity will be regarded as an investment entity if the Entity’s gross income attributable to investment activities equals or exceeds 50 per cent of the entity’s gross income during the shorter of: An entity is a holding company if its primary activity consists of holding (directly or indirectly) all or part of the outstanding stock of one or more members of its expanded affiliated group (or related entities).

An entity is a treasury center if the primary activity of such entity is to enter into investment, hedging, and financing transactions with or for members of its expanded affiliated group (or related entities).

Therefore, please fill in all required fields for both financial institutions and nonfinancial entities. 14 «No, the statements mentioned above in present section are not applicable to the entity (or structure established in any form other than a legal entity)» and selected in p.

15 only «Yes, the entity is a holding company or treasury center» without any additional selections, answers to questions 19 and 20 are not required.Companies that meet the two following requirements are considered to be disregarded entities: «The consent of the Client for transfer of information to foreign tax authorities represents the consent for transfer of information to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and other competent authorities of the Russian Federation (section 6, clause 2 of the Federal Law of №173-FZ)» If the following conditions are met: one or more classes of the stock of the corporation (1) were listed on one or more established securities markets during the prior calendar year and (2), in aggregate, represent more than 50% of (a) the total combined voting power of all class of stock of such corporation entitled to vote and (b) the total value of the stock of such corporation and (3) the aggregate number of shares in each class that are traded on such market during the prior year are at least 10% of the average number of shares outstanding in that class during the prior calendar year.The possibility of application of this status should be analysed on a case-by-case basis and will depend on the market where the stock is traded.The Entity undertakes to notify the respective MOEX Group organization (hereinafter - Organization) of any changes in the information provided in this Questionnaire within terms specified in relevant agreements and (or) in other documents of the Organization regulating provision of services to clients (conditions, rules, etc.).Herewith the Entity confirms that the consent of substantial owners/beneficiaries of the Entity for disclosure of information by the Organization to foreign tax authorities, including IRS, and (or) to foreign withholding agent authorized by tax authorities to withhold foreign taxes and duties as deem necessary to completer required reporting forms.If you selected "Yes, it is a disregarded entity," please complete the Questionnaire for identifying an entity for the purposes of FATCA for your beneficiary/shareholder (the beneficiary/shareholder will be the owner of the account for the purposes of FATCA), and please upload it at the end of this Questionnaire.

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