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It means We Chat can move away from being simply a social IM tool and can be used for job hunting.

Then there is the We Chat newsfeed called “moments”.

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They can keep in contact with friends and family, share moments in their life and make new friends. We Chat as a payment platform The ‘My Bank Cards’ section lets you add your bank card details to We Chat.

You can then use this to pay for products and services through your phone using Tencent’s Tenpay online payment service.

This is mainly aimed at children, but gives a good insight into the diverse demographic that We Chat appeals to.

We Chat for marketing So in what ways is We Chat interesting to a marketer?

It’s also interesting to note that there are 500 million mobile Internet users in China according to CNNIC and 600 million registered accounts. If you have a QQ account you can contact these friends via We Chat.

This suggests that every Chinese smartphone user has a We Chat account with the other 100 million accounts dotted around the world. The app also automatically connects contacts stored in your phone.

Of the 15 people in the meeting 12 have We Chat on their smartphone. The user has an option to create an ID meaning that if they lose their phone or change phone number they can keep the same We Chat account. This is a brilliant feature and has more use than just being social.

Friend radar lets you find people nearby using real-time location sharing.

It’s similar to Alipay’s Yu’e Bao and is another feature that broadens We Chat’s appeal beyond the normal social features. These gifts are traditionally given to youngsters at Chinese New Year.

This way of giving cash gifts was done in record numbers during the previous Chinese New Year in February 2014.

It’s a question that clients often ask us at Nanjing Marketing Group.

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