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With their numbers growing, the city freed itself of the old medieval walls and, following their demolition, entered an expansion phase based on the designs of the town planner and architect Ildefons Cerdà, known as the Cerdà Plan.

This led to the building of a new district, the Eixample.

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Aside from the wars, there was the confrontation between liberals and conservatives, and the bitter opposition of the people of Barcelona to the General Espartero regency, which prompted him to order the shelling of Barcelona from Montjuïc Castle in December 1842, to put down and pacify the people.

But the stubborn populace continued to move forward.

Tensions with the central power were common throughout the 16th and 17th centuries and, as a result of the war Philip l V was waging against France, which imposed a big economic burden on the counties in the Principality of Catalonia, in 1640 the Catalan people revolted.

It took place on the Feast of Corpus Christi and has gone down in history as Bloody Corpus, the day that marked the start of the Guerra dels Segadors (the Reaper's War).

The remains of the demolished neighbourhood can now be seen at the Born Cultural Centre archaeological site.

Barcelona was seriously weakened following the War of Succession but there were many traders and entrepreneurs who set up new activities that quickly took root.This new era also saw the beginnings of the Renaixença (Renaissance), a new stage in the recovery of the Catalan language and culture, which had been abolished since the end of the War of Succession.This in turn laid the foundations for the birth of a new political Catalanism.At the end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th centuries, Barcelona continued to be a dynamic city linked to other parts of the world but it suffered some long sieges during some protracted wars that left deep scars.However, thanks to the fighting spirit of its inhabitants, it enjoyed a resurgence at the end of the 18The medieval Barcelona of merchants and craftsmen had established itself as a major maritime power.A new bourgeoisie, made wealthy by the rise of the industries, transformed Barcelona and made it more beautiful, adapting it to the modern times.

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