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"ACS is working with the NYPD and the Staten Island District Attorney’s office on the investigation." O’Hare has served as ACS’ deputy unit director in Queens since he was transferred from his position as supervising attorney for St. In 2008, O’Hare represented ACS during custody hearings over the two young daughters of Janet Redmond-Mercereau, the Oakwood woman convicted in 2009 of murdering her husband, Fire Marshal Douglas Mercereau. His attorney, John Murphy, Jr., said his client "is presumed innocent" before declining further comment on the current charges.

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A source close to the case said O’Hare allegedly courted a 15-year-old girl while posing as the victim on the site. soldiers abusing prisoners inside Abu Ghraib came to light, O’Hare was one of several high-ranking officers of the Long Island-based 800th Military Police Brigade singled out for scathing criticism in a Pentagon report portraying the unit as "dysfunctional" and "lackadaisical" in its oversight of the detention facilities.

"James O’Hare has been suspended from ACS without pay," said ACS spokesman Michael Fagan. The report said O’Hare, the brigade’s Command Judge Advocate, "appears to lack initiative and was unwilling to accept responsibility for any of his actions." O’Hare disputed the 2004 report by telling the Advance that his Bronze Star was an indication "of what my superiors think of my service." O’Hare was not available for comment today.

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Hi, I'm sincere , honest and open, also intelligent, thoughtful and a good listener. I also love films, concerts, art, theatre & politics. Im fun, im not daft, i like people and generally people like me. The most loveable of people, I tend to I am who I am, I´m not a label or a typical stereotype, i´m just me and nor am i Scottish lol Born in Southampton, lived in Bristol for many years also lived near Manchester too. I´m easy to get on ENIGMA If I've caught your attention, I'll now shatter the illusion by providing the remainder of my profile... Criminal defence paralegal but also qualified in family and civil law.

Looking for someone genuine to HI all, im very laid back and happy go lucky. Im just back in the country after being in Australia for a year, so I´m 18, quite chirpy! Shambling and absent minded, I indulge in all types of time wasting activities, some of which may even be considered respectable. Love my friend family and spending my time with them all....

im quite shy until i get to know someone and feel comfortable in their company. I like playing pool (badly), driving, animals I have finally decided to be true to myself and not what others expect of me. Someone who can make me laugh and show me what I have been missing. I´m currently seeking to get into college for maybe photography. Just missing that special someone to I'd say I'm a pretty ordinary person, who likes most things that are good - the more culture the better!

My favorite things are camping, moutain biking, food( chinese or italian), spending time im a fun loving leo wot more can i say lol im loyal to partners and friends very loving and honest i love goin out or stayin in love to dance but i do like all types of music.

Have recently acquired the travelling bug and would love to Hate being bored, love excitement. Love music and going to gigs have a wide and varied taste in music.

Maybe a sassy lesbian-only and no-boys-allowed platform seems just your style.

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