Leighton meester who is she dating

And you get that feeling when you go through something, especially when its painful, or good for that matter, but mostly painful — that nobody understands.

Leighton Meester is currently married to Adam Brody.

It make the show so much better and a lot more realistic...

Actually, I'd say that it represents most of the record, because that's what it's about.

It's about just sort of tying your heartstrings off — not allowing yourself to be vulnerable." PHOTOS: Gossip Girl — then and now!

It's the ultimate television crossover event: Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are engaged to be married. The couple has kept details of their relationship private, but MSN's Wonderwall broke the news on Wednesday that the two are heading down the aisle.

He and former "Gossip Girl" star Leighton Meester, 27, began dating earlier this year.

You'd have to find out her mother's maiden name, and her... I, personally, think that he and Leighton Mester should date.

They make such a good couple on Gossip Girl, and I, and many of my friends, love it when couples on TV start to date in real life too.

"I'm not sure I ever want to get married."around 110 pounds. or more..probably weighs more like 120 or somethin..on gossip girl she seems kinda skinny so maybe 115-120 Answer: . well first wrong category and second how in the world would somebody know how much she weighed unless they were...

She is the Global Ambassador for Herbal Essessences and in a recent interview about her new position, she revealed "My first memory is those iconic commercials back in the day. Supposedly, Welling was served divorce papers in Summer of 2011, because of an affair with Leighton Meester during the filming of Ben Affleck's film, A Dog's Ransom.

"I think there is someone out there for me," she mused to Fast-forwarding to 2014, Meester reflected that her new album was a more accurate reflection of her growth — in her personal life and career.

"It's more about coming to realize — especially growing up (and I feel like I've done a lot of that the last couple of years) — a juxtaposition between my day job and [my music career]," she attempted to explain on Tuesday. But I'm just desperately lonely,'" she reflected of her past.

"But it was stupid, and I was like, ' I have to write a song about this! At the time it was like,' Screw you, I don't care about you anymore, and it's not going to happen!

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