Latinas dating white men

I can tell an attractive non Caucasian from an unattractive one, but I've never been attracted to any man that wasn't white (well, just one, but Keanu Reeves is half white and that's all I see when I see him ). She told me she didn't like dating hispanics and preferred the caucasions.I've met some women that wont date or will only date certain types. My wife is latina and she prefers whites but i prefer Mexican values andlife style over the Canadian, passion for sport and eating.Their actually sending Hans from Alpha Centauri with the part.

I'm draggingmy ass home but before I get there I get another invite - like wtf!??? Some people will not consider their own, or a certain other race. its just that narrow minded here and your a minority...lolmy homegirl she PR and has the same preference.

We talked about it and she couldn't give me a does it matter who you date?

Well Im a believer in the physical attraction aspect of a relationship meaning that I have to be attracted to a person to go out on a date with them and because I'm not physically attracted to hispanic men I would have to say no.

Don't get me wrong I have serveral latino guy friends that I love to death but the physical attraction is not there.

If you think oil is expensive, you should see the price of antimatter!

And I just stopped over here to see if the rumor was true, I rented the movie... NO THEY AREN'TThere is never anything wrong with liking what you like.The reason I ask is because I seem to get a lot of negative feedback from people such as "you need to keep it real my latina sister" well I am keeping it real!Since I was young I have always been attracted to whiteboys , I can't help what I'm physically attracted to it is just a preferance, Just like someon women like tall men, thin men, men with hair, men with no hair, I have a preferance for white men.if you find someone attractive and they find you attractive, then go fo it and see how it plays out. and I dont give a damm who emails me to tell me to get over it.If I was looking for an overweight, older, bipolar gal to see, with no job, bunch of little kids I wouldnt have time to meet a thin white woman under 35I know what you feel but dont feel guilty for having that preference!Give me a woman with great eyes, that light up and show me that there is intelligence behind the eyes...

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