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Local self-government constitutes 14 District Panchayats, 152 Block Panchayats, 978 Gram Panchayats along with 60 Municipalities, 5 Corporations and 1 Township. Agriculture contributes most to the state's income in the primary sector.Nearly half of the population of the state is dependent on agriculture for income.Rice is the most important cereal crop and staple food in Kerala.

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In fact, Kerala has the highest physical Quality of Life Index too.

The age old wanderlust of the people of Kerala has taken them to virtually every nation on the face of this earth.

Kerala is different from the rest of the India in many ways.

History was created in 1957 when Kerala became the first state in the world to democratically elect a Marxist government. It has the highest literacy rate in the country, lowest infant mortality rate and the highest female to male population ratio.

Most of Kerala is accessible through National Highways 47 and 17, and various other state highways.

The Southern Railway line of the Indian Railways runs through the state connecting major cities and towns except for those in the districts of Idukki and Wayanad.

The railway network in the state is controlled by the Thiruvananthapuram Railway division and the Palakkad Railway Division.

Kerala is India's most advanced society in terms of education, literacy and health.

The eastern region of the state comprises of high mountains, gorges and valleys which are immediately west of the Western Ghats' rain shadow area.

Forty one west flowing rivers and three east flowing rivers originate from this region.

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