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I believe this is a misstatement on Katrina’s part. A likely place the PRS and/or Katrina could have learned about the scar on Emily’s upper lip is from a link on the “Favorite Links-Page 9” Emily being pregnant has been on the Website for many years.Newspaper articles dating back to 1993 are posted on the same Website and mention Emily was three months pregnant.

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Although this website provides links to third party sites, Ernie Marsh is not responsible for the content of any such site. Again, Ryan uses the word “family” to describe a meeting with what was most likely Emily’s mom, Sheila.

Links are provided as a convenience to viewers, and they shall not be interpreted as an endorsement, sponsorship, or association of any kind. He’s the Director of the Paranormal Research Society and is the one who should have known to have his cell phone turned off. I believe Ryan slipped when he told Katrina he might have more questions to ask “her” meaning Sheila, in a previous scene. If “Dead Time” is from AM – AM (Pacific time) in Las Vegas, Nevada, that means Katrina was calling from San Antonio, Texas, between AM – AM Central time.

The illusion might have one believe Emily’s spirit caused the phone to ring, which turned out to be Katrina calling.

Let’s take a close look at what’s said during the “Dead Time” phone call. ” Don’t you think caller ID would have shown the call was from Katrina?

It's hard to say since this is merely my own speculation on the matter. What makes “Ghost Adventures” so special is the lack of over-stylization making us inclined to believe what we are watching is real, documented activity. Groff's introduction to the show leads me to believe I would watch this show for entertainment purposes, not for “real” concrete evidence of the paranormal.

Groff and his team member, Katrina Weidman, never really bother to explain the type of equipment they use.

This leaves the viewer feeling alienated from the seasoned, avid “Ghost Adventures” viewer.

He neglects to explain his instruments and how they make or break the validity of a paranormal investigation.

She was about Savannah’s current age when she died. There is a fair amount of information that indicates that at least Ryan knew the date of Emily Garcia’s murder, and used that knowledge to plan ahead, to hold an interview with Emily’s “family” (again, this was most likely just one person, Emily’s mom, Sheila).

Now, I want to show Savannah the picture we found of the murdered girl in San Antonio to see what her response is.• Again, if Ryan knew that, don’t you think the date () they found Emily’s body was known, also? There was no need to send Katrina to Texas to use a private investigator to help find the “family,” because Sheila’s (Emily’s mom) phone number is on many pages of the theresayeary.website.

This may be a bit biased, but Weidman, who has experience in conducting paranormal investigations, does not bring the same warmth and closeness as its rival counterpart.

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