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Towering limestone cliffs shelter incredible beaches, the most beautiful is Railay.

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The prime diving destinations lie around local islands and rock outcrops that range from 30 minutes to 3 hours away by speedboat: Ko Ngam Noi (famous as a source of prized birds' nests), Ko Ngam Yai, Hin Lak Ngam and Hin Pae.

A number of other islands also offer diving attactions: Ko Samet, Ko Thalu, Ko Rat, and Ko Thonglang.

For those who are located in the gulf islands, Chumphon maybe more suitable to transit if you are going to Bangkok as opposed to returning back down to Surat Thani.

The distinguishing feature of both Krabi and neighboring Phang Nga is the massive limestone karsts, rising vertiginously out of the flat rice paddies on land and as islands from the sea.

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Chick came closer and sat down nearby, decided to help the guy to relieve sexual tension.Krabi Province and the Andaman Sea have a number of excellent dive sites.You can find dive resorts at almost every coastal destination in the region and on the islands that tourists visit.The most common boat type for shorter hops is the long-tail boat (reua hang yao), which true to the name has the propeller at the end of a long 'tail' stretching from the boat.This makes them supremely manoeuvrable even in shallow waters, but they're a little underpowered for longer trips and you'll get wet if it's even a little choppy.As an outpost of Thai kingdoms dating back to the Ayutthaya period, there are also a few historical sites. In general, once you're away from backpacker central, Chumphon Province offers modest but very pleasant and cost-effective alternatives to the oversold resorts.

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