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As they get older, they like listening to their own music choices, plus Alexa takes the place of an alarm clock, a stereo and apparently a whole lot more that we didn’t even anticipate. My kids ask Alexa questions, have it tell them jokes and play games. The truth is my kids are symbolic of the very near-term future. In the car, they ask Siri to play music while we’re driving, and they see me when I speak to my Apple Car Talk to get directions.

To them, voice-activated AI is an everyday occurrence and they really don’t understand why I spend so much time typing on my laptop.

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The fact that you have at least 21 days to pay your credit card bill from the time you receive your monthly statement means there is plenty of time to sort out fraud before it truly affects your wallet.

If you truly want to witness the future, look no further than your own kids.

Beginning your credit history from scratch later in life is also preferable to trying to overcome mistakes you made when young.

Therefore, if you don’t trust yourself to pay your bill in full every month or otherwise effectively handle the responsibility that comes with credit, don’t put yourself in a position to fail.

During the midst of the NBA season it can seem the games are live all the time, but that’s because we record the games so the kids can watch them later.

My kids, operating under that model, seem to think everything is simply on when they want to see it.Even better: If you want to keep your kids happy, simply give them some AI to play with.We recently bit the bullet and gave our each of our kids an Alexa device for their rooms. I remember when we were kids and we thought we had our own “invisible friend” — but now that friend has a name and full engages in conversation. In addition to Alexa, they talk to the TV to ask for shows, and they talk to my phone to ask Siri questions.For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page.While the Card Act—the new credit card law that took effect in February 2010—has had an altogether positive impact on the credit card industry, increasing issuer transparency and adding to consumer rights, it’s also made it harder for people under 21 to access credit.People under 21 years of age can indeed open their own credit cards if able to provide proof of income or get an older friend or relative to co-sign.

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