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Even better: If you want to keep your kids happy, simply give them some AI to play with.

We recently bit the bullet and gave our each of our kids an Alexa device for their rooms. I remember when we were kids and we thought we had our own “invisible friend” — but now that friend has a name and full engages in conversation. In addition to Alexa, they talk to the TV to ask for shows, and they talk to my phone to ask Siri questions.

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Building a long and solid credit history is extremely important, as your credit score represents your fiscal responsibility, and the difference between a good and a bad credit score can literally result in thousands of dollars in avoidable expenses.

For a college student, using a credit card is the most efficient and least expensive way to start building credit.

Beginning your credit history from scratch later in life is also preferable to trying to overcome mistakes you made when young.

Therefore, if you don’t trust yourself to pay your bill in full every month or otherwise effectively handle the responsibility that comes with credit, don’t put yourself in a position to fail.

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We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products.As such, they get solicitations for business credit cards.If you are planning to use a business credit card to fund your entrepreneurial enterprise, think again.When young adults enter the latter stages of college or graduate school, they are confronted by the same credit-card learning curve that used to be the domain of high school seniors and college freshmen, and they make rookie mistakes as a result.If you're a broke college student, let’s take a look at some of the most common credit card mistakes for newcomers and how to avoid them.People under 21 years of age can indeed open their own credit cards if able to provide proof of income or get an older friend or relative to co-sign.

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