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All in all, we’ve spent more time in the rehearsal studio in a serious manner than we have before. I think it’s going to be the strongest Growlers anyone’s ever heard.Just go out there and have as much fun as we can and just make that s— contagious.The music was an epiphany for friends Fraiture, Casablancas, Valensi and Moretti.

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And, like Nirvana, the Strokes have been embraced by the designers of runway fashion, the death knell of anything sincere.

Of course, the Strokes don't technically belong to a scene, because they were never even acquaintances with their compatriots.

He can hold forth all night, run around in verbal circles for fifteen minutes, lose his place and then start all over again. But his intentions are the noblest."Doing heroin is like walking around with a terrorist as your friend," he tells a buddy who has started sniffing the dust.

But he will make up for it by spending the next seven hours and forty-five minutes with me. The lead singer of the Strokes, New York's finest purveyors of coolly detached retro-rock boogie, is blessed with the ability to talk shit. He doesn't even own a cell phone, a computer or a watch.

The Growlers ended up working with Casablancas on “City Club,” which comes out Sept. We spoke with lead singer Nielsen on working with Casablancas, how the record came together and writing at keyboardist Kyle Straka’s ranch house in California’s Topanga Canyon. We’re used to making the record in more of like a hands-on, rock ’n’ roll approach.

He got hands-on with a handful of songs and it was cool. [Casablancas] had heard two songs that we had and wanted to connect — just keep the verse from one song and the chorus from the other and kind of cut them and put them together.

"It's like taking a terrorist around to parties," he continues.

"You never know when it's going to blow up on you."Casablancas is wearing a green work shirt with the words U. GARBAGE COMPANY over the pocket, and faded black pants.

According to Fabrizio Moretti, the band's drummer, artist and deep thinker, the Strokes originally tried to form a scene of New York bands that would hang out, drink and go to one another's shows, but "at the time in New York, it was so competitive that bands were not open to it."As far as garage rock goes, the Strokes don't once mention bands like the Stooges or the Troggs when discussing their second CD, .

Instead, Hammond credits the reggae-sounding guitars in "Automatic Stop" to Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"; Casablancas blames the high-pitched guitar tone of "The End Has No End" on Guns n' Roses' "Sweet Child o' Mine"; and guitarist Nick Valensi pledges allegiance to goth.

And he will talk about everything from strip clubs to night terrors to his hatred of Pringles potato chips.

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