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One night, the wife of Growlers’ Brooks Nielsen ran into Julian Casablancas and began talking about her significant other’s longtime garage rock group to The Strokes frontman. He kind of tried them on the computer — there was a lot of computer work, which I wasn’t used to.

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"You're bleeding, you know." The kid said in a raspy voice, and took a drag from his cigarette. " Julian asked, snapping out of his thought."Your lip." He said, gesturing to it.

"It's busted." They stayed up the night before, watching the stars on the balcony.

"It's like taking a terrorist around to parties," he continues.

"You never know when it's going to blow up on you."Casablancas is wearing a green work shirt with the words U. GARBAGE COMPANY over the pocket, and faded black pants.

The Growlers ended up working with Casablancas on “City Club,” which comes out Sept. We spoke with lead singer Nielsen on working with Casablancas, how the record came together and writing at keyboardist Kyle Straka’s ranch house in California’s Topanga Canyon. We’re used to making the record in more of like a hands-on, rock ’n’ roll approach.

He got hands-on with a handful of songs and it was cool. [Casablancas] had heard two songs that we had and wanted to connect — just keep the verse from one song and the chorus from the other and kind of cut them and put them together.

Julian thought joining the Model United Nations club would be an easy way to get out of school for three days. (An alternate universe where the Strokes didn't drop out of high school, meet on a bus at 5 AM, and must solve the entire world's problems with pieces of paper.

Easier said than done.) Layla Guillroy, 21 year old of Brooklyn-based band Amber Ocean, is always getting into trouble. The story begins back in 2001 when the Strokes were recording Is This It.

"There are some bass lines on our first album that were 100 percent ripped off from the Cure," he says.

"We were worried about putting out the album, because we thought we'd get busted."The actual seed for the Strokes was planted when Pierre, the brother of Strokes bassist Nikolai Fraiture, gave Casablancas a Velvet Underground CD for Christmas while he was in high school.

And he will talk about everything from strip clubs to night terrors to his hatred of Pringles potato chips.

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