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Circuit judges are appointed for life and can only be fired by Congress, though fellow jurists can impose censures.Cathy Catterson, circuit executive for the 9th Circuit, said the issue was "a private matter of the judge at this point."She said the material was on a home server that was maintained "for use by his family" and that it made up only a small percentage of the items, which also included family pictures and documents."Most of it was jokes," said Catterson, who hadn't seen the material.

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Kozinski, now married with three children, was a late intellectual bloomer who, before graduating at the top of his law class at UCLA, wiled away his time wooing women in such unusual places as television’s Dating Game, which he won with an audaciously smarmy pick-up line: “Hello, the flower of my heart.” That unctuousness is totally absent from his legal writings, which feature a razor-sharp analytic skill.

, a 2003 case involving an illegal Mexican immigrant accused of smuggling people across the border.

e-mails to the recent law school graduates who successfully win coveted one-year appointments as his law clerk."He has an outlandish personality for a federal judge," said former clerk Harry Susman, a Houston lawyer.

"He has a great sense of humor."It's unclear whether Kozinski faces any court discipline.

Three years later, President Ronald Reagan appointed him to the 9th Circuit, making him the youngest federal appellate judge in the country. Still, Kozinski enjoys a sterling reputation as an eloquent opinion writer and a titan on the bench even while his off-the-bench eccentricities run the gamut.

Kozinski, 57, was born in Romania to Holocaust survivors and came to America when he was 12. C., federal court administrators in a battle over Web filters they installed to block porn from government computers.The judge refused to comment as he left court."I'm not going to say anything," he said.Law360, New York (December 18, 2017, AM EST) -- Judge Alex Kozinski, the veteran judge of the Ninth Circuit who is facing a judicial inquiry over accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior, announced Monday that he is immediately retiring from the court.Yale Kozinski, the judge's film editor son, told The New York Times on Wednesday that the site is registered to him and he maintains it.Friends and family are able to post there, he said."The fact that it was publicly accessible actually is my fault, too," Yale Kozinski told the newspaper.The government deported most of the witnesses attesting to Lopez’s innocence before his attorney could interview them but detained everyone willing to testify to his guilt.

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