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The home is currently owned by Vinnie and Roderick Dowling.

The front porch with its columns faced the formal gardens, fountains, and holly trees.

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The estate is located in Baldwin County, Georgia, approximately 4 miles northwest of Milledgeville.

It comprises 544 acres , including the house where O'Connor penned some of her last and best-known fiction..

That ended their 13-year marriage for good after she discovered he had been seeing Zoe de Mallet Morgan, 25, with whom he allegedly had been having an affair with for over a year.

Grant and Zoe currently live in a rented apartment in Esher, just a mile away from the home he shared with Turner.

Richard Simms, who bought the home in 1972,added a welcoming porch in the back.

They also added a picket fence where an original black iron fence had once been.A plat map, dated "16th Day of November 1752" and signed "Hr Yonge & Ellis Surveyors," shows that the original 250 acres of Brampton were then part of a 500-acre Savannah River tract called "Redfoord" or Redford belonging to David Graham.On the north of David Graham's land lay a tract owned by Patrick Graham, David's brother, and also called "Redfoord," while on the south was the plantation of Samuel Barker, which many years later was known as Retreat and finally became a part of Brampton.Jonathan Bryan, Revolutionary patriot, is the most outstanding figure associated with the history of Brampton.State historians, in recounting the services of Bryan to Georgia as a Colony and as a State, have invariably referred to him as "owner of Brampton" and have described Brampton as "Jonathan Bryan's plantation." It was he who named the plantation and directed its activities for a period of over two decades, and it was his prominence in the Colony as planter and civic leader that gave distinction to the estate during his residence there.This was during the Great Depression and there was no money to maintain the home.

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