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He says he didn’t consider Notre Dame for college because they didn’t have any girls on campus. He says he was with women the night before the AFL championship game and the Super Bowl, and that he usually was with women the night before games.He ended up at Alabama because he didn’t qualify academically for Maryland, so former Terps coach Tom Nugent passed him along to Bear Bryant. The interviewer also asked how many sexual conquests he’d had, and he estimated the number at 300 by the time he finished college.Even the scrooges will smile at 3 free months of ad-free music with You Tube Red.

Deadspin dug up an old interview Broadway Joe did with Playboy in Dec. The interview delves into the workings of Namath’s New York nightclub Bachelor III and its potential mafia ties, Namath’s days in college, his time in the pros, and sex. Reading through the interview, Namath’s classic confidence shines through, as does his knowledge of football.

You can really understand what made him so successful as a quarterback.

I’m told Super Bowl III hero Namath, who lives in Tequesta, ponied up a pretty penny for the ceremony and reception — even if there were only 12 or so guests at the exchange of vows.

Broadway Joe gave the bride away to Baker, who was last arrested, for skipping a court date, in 2013. Baker is also Olivia’s baby daddy: She welcomed a baby girl fathered by Baker, according to the birth certificate, in 2007. The lovebirds were married by Sarasota preacher David Cole, who deemed the shindig a “lovely ceremony.” “Joe Namath proudly gave away his daughter,” Cole told He was arrested at least seven times here since 2006 on charges that went from possession of marijuana and cocaine to driving with a suspended license and reckless operation of a boat.

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Dec 17, · Stories, links, web extras and more from CBS News' "Sunday Morning".If you have time, you should really read the whole thing. Broadway Joe said when he was bored in class, he would make a list of all the women he’d been with, and the number was beyond 300.Namath even provided sex tips, saying he just worried about getting off when he was younger, but as he got older, he became concerned with making sure his partner was satisfied, too.We reached out to Joe Namath to ask about the nuptials but he has yet to return the calls.Joe Namath was known for being a ladies’ man throughout his playing career, but he had nothing on Wilt Chamberlain when it comes to scoring.exclusive: Twenty-three-year-old Olivia Namath said “yes” to Edwin Baker III, 26, a Jupiter man who once pleaded guilty of robbing a Mc Donald’s restaurant!

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