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She took herbal especially the guyabano as treatment. Mang Ernesto, Baranggay Captain of Tala, Urani, Bataan suffered from stage four cancer of the larynx.

The doctor said he should undergo surgical operation but it’s not a guarantee to extend his one year life expectancy. Result, he felt relieved after eating guyabano fruit and drinking leaf decoction for two months.

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She was willing to meet with me for a consultation so she could answer all of my questions.

After all, my body was well-equipped to carry other human beings – both of my children wanted to stay well past 40 weeks – and I knew that I could labor successfully if given the chance.

No cancer detected on his larynx after laboratory testing. Jose Hernandez, General Physician, diagnosed with prostate cancer, undergone surgical operation but his illness got worse.

Then he followed the advice of his friend to take guyabano.

Instead, they would only see me if I officially switched from my current practice.

Not wanting my maternal health to be in limbo 10 weeks before my due date, I looked at the bottom of Ellen’s list, at the only name I hadn’t yet considered: the midwife who worked out of a hospital a half hour away.

And when I told her I was considering avoiding the epidural, she told me that was not an option.

It would be mandatory once I was three or four centimeters dilated.

În gimnaziul « Mihai Viteazu», îşi fac studiile 800 de copii, repartizaţi în 2 cicluri: primar; şi gimnazial.

Doctor advised her to undergo surgical operation but she declined because she was afraid of the operation cost.

I didn’t know they existed beyond history books and the birth center a few miles from my home.

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