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But that doesn’t stop me from becoming one of their millions of Facebook fans. Doni Joszef is a cognitive psychotherapist practicing with adolescents and young adults in Cedarhurst.

Identifying with something – anything – gives me some glimmer of a defined sense of self – and that, my friend, is gold for any teenager. During this strange and bizarre stage, I embark on my lifelong search for whatever it is we humans search for – and I’m not even aware of this immanent quest as it unfolds within me. He is a member of the DRS Guidance Department, and is available by appointment.

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It’s strange that while I have access to the most advanced contraptions and cutting edge devices, my generation is showing symptoms of declining mental stability. My parents may have studied and worked hard to achieve the lifestyle they currently enjoy, but I’ll figure out some way to keep the cozy lifestyle without putting in all of that extra dirty work.

There’s gotta be some get-rich-quick strategy, and I’ll make sure to implement the required procedure (so long as I can do it from my i Phone).

I’m too cool to get inspired or emotionally animated, but catch me in a dark room full of Jewish peers, singing one of those slow Hebrew songs that I generally feel proud to mock– and you just may discover an unexpected soft spot.

Don’t force me into that position, because my emotional network is too guarded to be manipulated.

Like I was wronged and you all better figure out who messed up. And until they do, I’ll be my own Master of Ceremonies.

Although I like to “chill,” I’m driven to succeed down the road.

Chill out adults; when you take yourselves too seriously, it’s hard for us to play along.

Granted, “respect” isn’t a prime part of my vocabulary, but I’m slick enough to pit my parents, teachers, and therapists against each other – and, so, my strategic “triangular operation” has earned me the right to deride any form of authority.

But with the right time, place, and company, it will almost naturally evolve.

I look at pop-culture with a mixture of admiration and suspicion; the glitter certainly catches my attention, yet something inside refuses to see celebrity icons as true heroes to model.

Regardless of what my report cards may reflect, I’ll “make it” – in some shape or form.

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