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Chill out adults; when you take yourselves too seriously, it’s hard for us to play along.

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ADHD are the initials of my generation, and I’d like to thank my parents’ generation for inventing Ritalin and Adderall to slow down my otherwise speedy, cluttered, scattered brain.

I guess it’s the least they can do to combat the insanely over-stimulated society they helped create (with good intentions, of course).

It’s strange that while I have access to the most advanced contraptions and cutting edge devices, my generation is showing symptoms of declining mental stability. My parents may have studied and worked hard to achieve the lifestyle they currently enjoy, but I’ll figure out some way to keep the cozy lifestyle without putting in all of that extra dirty work.

There’s gotta be some get-rich-quick strategy, and I’ll make sure to implement the required procedure (so long as I can do it from my i Phone).

If my parents had to spend days in libraries to research what I can instantly access via Google, why can’t I, likewise, accelerate their notion of a long and laborious road to success?

I’m not as respectful or revering of my elders as they may have been as youngsters, but this doesn’t really bother me in the slightest bit.

You may call this manipulation, but I just think of it as maximizing on opportunities.

When the authorities openly point fingers at one another, I naturally feel a sense of entitlement. Well, then, it’s for the parents/teachers/counselors to figure out where the blame lies.

I’m your prototypical Jewish teenager, voyaging through the strange sea of adolescence.

Don’t be fooled by my blank stare or my un-engaging affect; beneath the surface simmers a whole array of thoughts and emotions. If you want to know me, feel free to check out my Facebook profile. Earning my trust and attention is a strategic skill.

On March 23 2008, Canada and Israel signed a now working with Canada concerning “security issues” with respect to the pending NAFTA Super Highway.

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