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Hendrickson attributed her initial difficulty with the role to not being over Frankie yet. "In one of the scenes, Bianca fainted to the floor, and we had to do a few takes.

She eventually began to feel the difference between the two characters, and related Maggie more to herself. The one that they [used] was when I went to catch her and bent over, forgetting that I was wearing a miniskirt. I'm not used to wearing miniskirts on the show — I'm used to wearing baggy pants!

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Jeff branson elizabeth hendrickson dating

This began to change when viewers cited overwhelming chemistry between the characters' portrayers, Riegel and Hendrickson, and demanded that the show pair Bianca and Maggie romantically.

Subtle hints started to appear in the series suggesting Maggie might not be as heterosexual as she claimed, such as her leaving a white rose on Bianca's desk the day she is to go on a date with character Tim Dillon, even insisting on spending more time with Bianca while on the date.

She said that it was only a week after Maggie's confrontation with Bianca. It was frustrating, and I was getting confused how I should play it," said Hendrickson.

Within the series, Maggie's relationship with Henry soon ends, but the character is not heavily romantically linked with any other man for months and Maggie's relationship with Bianca continues to deepen. "So I kept it honest: She loved Bianca as a friend.

In a confrontational episode where a sexually frustrated Bianca finally asks Maggie to define what they are to each other, Maggie, after some avoidance, states that, romantically, she is "into guys" and only guys.

The scenes became some of the most debated in the show's history; fans were angry, frustrated, and saddened by the series' refusal to pursue a Bianca and Maggie romance.

Beyond fiction, Maggie is recognized as one of the most notable lesbian characters and LGBT icons in daytime television history. The character was killed off after only three months on the series.

Her death attracted criticism when viewers reasoned that the show was afraid to portray a homosexual romance, When creator of the character, Richard Culliton, stated that she was always intended to die, it did not help ease the discontent viewers expressed about her demise.

As a result, Maggie Stone, the character's identical twin sister, was created in order to bring Hendrickson back to the series.

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