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Gatiss said the final scene indicated that Cumberbatch and Freeman have finally become the 'classic' Holmes and Watson that audiences are familiar with.He also hinted that it could also be a good starting point for another series, with the duo having grown up and turned 'into the heroes we always knew them to be'.'We have now done the story of how the Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson that we have always known became those men,' he said.'The reason we leave it at Rathbone Place is that, actually if we do come back - and we would love to come back - we could absolutely very easily start it off with a knock on the door and Sherlock saying to John "do you want to come out to play".'They have become the two heroes that we always knew them to be.' Echoing his co-writer's comments, Moffat added: 'That is [Cumberbatch's Sherlock] becoming the Sherlock Holmes of Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett. The wise old man of Baker Street, who's still terrifying, who's still cold, but has a heart that you never doubt.' One of the flashbacks is of the fateful Reichenbach Falls, where Sherlock was seen locked in a stand-off with Moriarty in the Christmas special, The Abominable Bride.

Seeing Sherlock in a domestic setting is a rare sight for fans.

But, in a delightful twist, viewers were not only watching Sherlock with his parents, but simultaneously seeing Benedict Cumberbatch with his real mother and father - Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton.

Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1923.

This free content was digitised by double rekeying and sponsored by English Heritage. For the general headings and the method used in combiling this Index readers are referred to the three Reports of the Index Committee printed in the previous volumes on Essex.

After his return in The Adventure of the Empty House, three more collections followed: The Return of Sherlock Holmes, His Last Bow and The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes.

The Reichenbach Falls scene was also included in the 1985 series featuring Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes and Eric Porter as Moriarty.

The scene shows the Jam star lying unconscious on the floor, while dressed in a bizarre combination of furs and leather.

Watson is seen crouching over him, checking his eyes and breathing.

It centers on a small American town in which the only Mexican family (also the wealthiest family in town)…

Pages 198-317An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Essex, Volume 4, South east.

The building is not believed to have featured in the show before.

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