ciara dating rapper future - Is rob kardashian still dating angela simmons

The fan further crossed a line when she laid into the 29-year-old video vixen, at one point, even calling her last night, and it's got everybody talking today to see her pretty clearly carrying a child!

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Now, the momma of two is still facing the consequences as the stroller company Momiie has ended their collaboration with the former stripper.

The next photo had his hands in tact and him kissing Jones on her shoulder. : Rumor Has It: Although the couple played a scandalous practical joke on the world when they announced their faux marriage recently, many still believe that the Young Money rappers have something really brewing.

In news not related to Blac Chyna throwing around a pink stroller…

Related: Blac Chyna Totally Unbothered After Six Flags Outburst Though the Kardashian family is glad brother Rob Kardashian has "very little contact" with his ex, their "biggest concern is that [his daughter] Dream [Kardashian] is safe." According to a Blac Chyna isn't afraid to stand up for herself. personality WENT OFF on a fellow amusement park attendee when they allegedly tried to touch one of her children.

However, it's now being said that the culprit also egged on the mother of two, by calling her a derogatory name. Related: Blac Chyna Totally Unbothered After Six Flags Outburst According to , a woman tried to make contact with Chyna's baby girl with ex Rob Kardashian, named Dream Kardashian.

He even flooded her cellphone with 65 calls in one day before threatening to fly to New York to battle for her hand?

Rumor Has It: The recently divorced Shaquille O’Neil has hooked up with many women over his illustrious basketball career. Rumor Has It: Rob Kardashian, Kim’s younger brother supposedly facilitated courtship by passing along Brown’s phone number to Kim, and a texting relationship followed. Rumor Has It: Melody Thorton aka the Black girl from the Pussycat Dolls allegedly has grown very fond of Mr. The pair raised eyebrows as they attended Fashion’s Night Out events together arm in arm, and were spotted together repeatedly throughout New York Fashion Week. The two were spotted at a salon together getting pedicures. Just look at this picture from the event, he’s holding her tiiight.

There have been a lot of reports circulating around what caused Rob Kardashian's baby momma to hulk out at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Easter Sunday.

While the mother of two has defended that she went crazy after someone tried to touch daughter Dream Kardashian, it's also been said that Chyna was antagonized by some name calling.

As you surely know, Blac Chyna made headlines recently for wielding daughter Dream Kardashian's stroller like a weapon, after a fellow amusement park attendee tried to touch her little one with Rob.

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