Is jim cantore and alexandra steele dating

He is also a social worker who contributes his time and provides some financial support to different social organization being a celebrity cabinet member of the American Red Cross society.

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At the age of 22, Jim Cantore attended Lyndon State College in the year 1986had his first job during his college days which was sponsored by The weather channel in the same year in the July.

He says his career began with a small building having a small room with some casual satellite pictures and dialing radars.

He is not a tall man as he has an average height of 5 feet 8 inches, which is around 1.73 meters.

He has been called a ‘Rockstar of meteorologists’ by Algis Laukaitis. Jim enjoyed his success in the career with someone he loved! Their affair was going very well, and both of them were happy as boyfriend and girlfriend.

After gaining lots of love and praises, he still does have some rumors against him.

He is assumed to be gay which is not true at all and is also said to be dating which is still a mystery.

Rock star of meteorology Jim Cantore earns a handsome salary and has .5 million as his net worth.

He is a popular weather fore caster and news reader in the weather channels.

Brave Cantore has a photogenic look and ability to face every obstacle during his recordings.

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