Is he interested in dating

This way he can let you know what he hopes for his future and to see if you could possibly fit into this future as well.

via @couplegoals Usually if things aren't serious there's no reason to discuss past relationships and why they didn't work out.

Originally from Toronto and yes, Montreal and Toronto are very different cities and no, I don't love one more than the other!

My passions include eating pasta for every meal, squealing at every pug I see on the street, taking naps in hammocks, and rewatching episodes of Friends on Netflix.

Many women make the mistake of taking physical passion as a sign of deepening emotional intimacy. You can be the best lover in the world but if only one part of his anatomy is interested, it doesn’t mean the rest of him is too. Holding hands, stroking, touching, kissing and cuddling – that doesn’t lead to sex – are all ways men show that their affection is more than just sexual.

Is he always the centre of attention, in the bedroom and out?

via @couplegoals We all know that guys don't usually like being open about their feelings.

But when a guy can let his guard down and talk about his feelings with you, whether it's his feelings toward you or his own life, then you've got something good going on. Soon to be graduate from Concordia University in Montreal.

If he doesn’t show an interest in you, he’s probably not interested.

When you first meet someone online, it’s perfectly acceptable to continue dating other people.

He's trying to get to know you as a person and find some common interests in your past and your opinions.

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