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To Andy's right: Jeana Keough, Gretchen and Lynne Curtin. ”Tamra: “I thought you said he was a stalker.”They call each other liars.

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"I take huge pride in the fact that I work so hard." Lugging plastic handbags around is really a lot of hard work! Finally Gretchen defends her negative behavior this season.

"And they think that Slade is just riding on my coattails and that I just pay for him to have a posh lifestyle, but he works harder than me — and that’s working hard! She says that everything she and Slade were dealing with concerning Grayson left her in no mood to put up with the drama.

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A few weeks ago, we told you “Real Housewives of Orange County” stars Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley were secretly hooking up. Slade and Gretchen are not only kissing in some of the shots, but he’s also checking out her butt while holding her at arms length.

Tamra and Gretchen – who've alternated between fighting and bonding throughout season four of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” – finally had it out Tuesday on “The Real Housewives Confess: A Watch What Happens Special.”The housewives from OC sat down with host Andy Cohen, who does not pull any punches, bless him.

On the left side of the set: Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra.

They showed the clip where Tamra said she felt Gretchen and her now deceased fianc Jeff had a relationship of convenience. There was stuff going on behind the scenes, Tamra said, to make her think that. the night before they went to Del Mar, her cell phone rang. Jay told Tamra and her husband Simon that he had been dating Gretchen for a long time and that Jeff was paying Gretchen to take care of him. ”Tamra said Jeana said the guy's clothes were on Gretchen's bedroom floor.

Tamra later got a call from Gretchen where Gretchen said Jay was an old boyfriend, now a stalker. She was at a party with mutual friends, she explains. He tried to make a move on her, she refused and told him to get out of the car. Gretchen wants to know when they were even in her room.

Maybe I just need to forever be in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.’""But after four years of being with Slade, I realized that he’s such an amazing, wonderful person — from who he is as a father and who he is as a partner — and we just went through such a tough period last fall with his son and dealing with his illness and it just made me realize that life is so short and why let your past get in the way of your future? Gretchen also says she would "possibly" consider having one of her costars be a bridesmaid.

I'm not sure who since none of them really like her, but whatever – when Bravo pays, Bravo makes the decisions, right?!

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