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Richard Finnegan, professor of political science and director of Irish studies at Stonehill College told The Boston Globe that such a large Irish community at the South Shore of Massachusetts is not surprising.A cloud of mystery looms over the ringforts that speckle the countryside of Ireland.More than 45,000 ringforts have been documented throughout Northern Europe and yet little is known about the date, occupancy, and function of these structures.

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Ringforts can be found across Northern Europe, especially in Ireland and South Wales.

There was been over 45,000 documented examples of ringforts across this geographical area.

The ditch that surrounded the fort would have been fortified by a palisade of timber, a hedge, or a thick growth or trees and shrubs.

While the average ringfort tends to be around 27-30 meters in diameter internally, they have been found to be as large as 75 meters in diameter externally.

The palisades and shallow moats suggest that the ringforts were used for protection in agrarian communities.

While they would not protect from full-scale war, the forts were enough protection from so-called “hit-and-run” raids on the cattle housed within the ring.

A “lios” refers to the interior of the fort, and “urlann” to the surrounding area; anything that is not the “lios.” Some ringforts have been found to have a “souterain” or an underground passage that was typically carved out of the natural rock or clay underneath the fort, but could also be made of stone.

It is posited that the “souterain” was used as a refuge by the inhabitants of the fort, as well as storage in safer times.

The size of the ringfort, some have claimed, is directly linked to the occupancy of the dwelling.

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