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“He also brought light and medium weapons, rockets, heavy machine guns and lots of ammunition.” Soldiers dug in 15 miles north of Baghdad.“Our forces are ready for any emergency,” said Iraqi army Col.

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“Four Ethiopian women who had worked as prostitutes at the hotel were later hired in housekeeping by Sallyport,” the report states.– Perhaps the piece de resistance came in November 2015, when the militia drove two flatbed trucks and a 60-foot crane, loaded up three generators over three hours, and drove off base totally unchallenged by any security.“Sallyport has a strong record of providing security and life support services in war zones like Iraq and plays a major but unheralded role in the war against ISIS,” the company’s chief operating officer said.

“The company takes any suggestion of wrongdoing at Balad very seriously.” Brian Adam Jones is co-founder and editor-at-large of Task & Purpose.

He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and of the war in Afghanistan.

The findings, by the Social Change for Education in the Middle East (SCEME), say the victims are being transported to neigbouring Middle Eastern countries, most notably to Syria and Jordan, but also as far afield as Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

They spoke out about their investigations in a profile in the Associated Press, amid a lawsuit they have fired against their former employer after their March firing with little explanation.

Per the report: in such high volumes that a plane once seesawed on the tarmac under the weight.

Kenneth King, who oversaw the former detention facility near the Kuwaiti border.

King told Fox News Channel that he escorted al-Baghdadi on a flight to Baghdad, where the handover took place.

In an undated image, Shakir Waheib, left, a senior member Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's insurgency group, stands next to a burning police vehicle in Iraq's Anbar Province.

Al-Baghdadi, inset, issued an ominous warning in 2009: “I’ll see you in New York.” First Baghdad — and then the Big Apple.

The al Qaeda-affiliated insurgent leader threatening to topple Iraq’s government offered an ominous warning when he parted ways with the US soldiers who once held him prisoner: “I’ll see you in New York.” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who now leads the Sunni ultra-extremist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, was held at Camp Bucca in southern Iraq for four years before he was handed over to the Iraqi government in 2009.

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