Iphone chat rooms free and dirty

Deterioration due to this has made it less user friendly.

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You access it on your phone (i OS only at this point) rather than dialing up from a desktop PC in your basement, and you can create and customize Rooms yourself.

"Early users have already created rooms for everything from beat boxing videos to parkour to photos of home-cooked meals," Facebook Product Manager Josh Miller said in a blog post.

"This includes your usernames, comments, and photos," according to Rooms.

"Anyone online or offline, including people off of Rooms, may be able to see this information.

"In my room for technology industry discussions I am 'Josh' but in another about backpacking travel I am 'jm90403' – a homage to my hometown ZIP code.

Sometimes I want to go with my real name and sometimes I prefer a nickname. You can also add photos and videos to a Room, making it a bit more lively than the text-only chat rooms of yore.

Earlier today, it reiterated that commitment and announced an additional .5 million in funding.

It's unclear if the usernames you select on Rooms are yours forever, or if there is a limit to how many you can have.

That's what happened with the Bay Area drag queens.

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