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For those devices that can updgrade to i OS 7, this is a welcome change!

Learn about this new feature here.]Here’s the Reply to All scenario at work: to delete the message.

Last month I received a comment asking about Group i Messages.

An i Message is a text message sent through the Apple i OS Messages app.

The technological progress allows you to benefit from some very advanced features, in a fast and simple way.

Still, because static video chat wasn't enough, the developers had to make it available on the mobile devices as well.I’ve used it myself to send a message to a few people at a time. You can tell that it is a group message because of the icon.Also if you click to view the message it will say Group Message at the top.The mobile version of this app is extremely useful, allowing you to connect to the video conference, from an i OS or Android operated device.Thankfully, the adjustable video resolution is great for you with bad internet connection.However, ez Talks Meetings manages to make a compromise, and to combine a highly qualitative software, with a cheap price.

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