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I'm not judgmental, so age, gender etc dont matter as lon... When i'm not doing , mission oriented things, I like to kick back and chill, a little b-ball.

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If a girl likes you, she'll respond and if she gives you her number a pretty good chance you guys will meet. I used it all the time when I lived in Spain-- one night, a female pen pal I had came and picked me up at the Spanish jail (long story) and drove me home.

Just suggest Sushi in some busy/fancy part of her city. It's less popular and I will say that most people on there are legitimately trying to learn another language. Learning a language formally and knowing how to speak it informally are almost completely different things.

I am seeking friendship only and learning about other cultures.

I love to draw and read, watch movies and listen to music.

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I searched the forum prior to starting this and saw a few mentions but not much specific.

I'm aware I've aged and yet I still feel myself associating with my teenage years. Here to talk about honest emotions and just whatever. Is not completely happy with her marriage #2 and #3 may seem counter to each other but if you are the type of person I am looking for as a pen pal you will understand.

I am looking for a female pen pal that meets ALL three of these things: 1. Age, race, country, religion, etc are not import, just met all 3 of the above requirements.

I thought I'd make a troll profile (good looking guy but no model) first to test out and I've received 10 unsolicited messages mostly from euro girls in the last 2 days, some look ok. Has anyone else used this site to pipeline instead of the usual dating sites? Apologies for any spelling mistakes, I'm writing from my phone so it's a bit rushed. Sadly it seems to be filled with bots who are pming me telling me to "visit their profile" on another site.

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