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I started helping them to understand the beautiful diversity among the t-girl community and this whole t-girl dating coach thing just developed.

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December 28, 2011 Amber Lynn is a 25 year old pre-op transsexual model and writer who provides a valuable service for those who are interested in dating transgender women.

Before we begin with our interview, you can get a FREE copy of her T-Girl Dating Guide.

Caramel: Thanks for doing this interview with me, Amber. Amber Lynn: Thank you for the encouraging words Caramel. Caramel: At what point did you realize that there’s a serious lack of information about how and where to meet transwomen and how to succeed with transgender love and romance and when did you decide to do something about it?

Caramel: A lot of men don’t really know the difference between crossdressers, transvestites, transsexuals, fembois and drag queens.

Do you find it that it’s easy to help them make those distinctions, or does it take some time? If he’s serious about wanting successful romantic relationships with t-girls, then he’ll take a little time to learn the differences.

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A lot of girlfriends make erotic pictures of their shaved pussies or small boobs nice ass, sending them to their boyfriends.

I met and dated quite a few men but most of them left me feeling cold as ice. It’s just that they had this unrealistic idea of how to treat a t-girl.

A lot of them treated me like a sex object – like a prostitute they had just met on the street.

Now, I’m talking about long term relationships and not just casual dating.

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