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I would not choose to be single or be in this position.It’s something that we are working through.” Garner and Affleck filed for divorce this April, but have stayed close, with Garner even helping her ex with his struggles with alcohol addiction: “She wants Ben to be the best dad possible to their kids,” a source tells PEOPLE in the magazine’s new issue.

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Also, no big surprise that 'sports' is the biggest word in the men's' online dating profile.

What I find interesting though is that the female dating profiles tend to be more about emotions and bonding, with words like: friends, family, laughing and fun.

There is one question I get over and over from guys who email me, and I got this one again recently. (I’ll take shopping and playing tennis since those are the examples in the email, but I don’t think either of those are boring), all you have to do is spin those in your online dating profile and write about how each of those things makes you FEEL. I love playing tennis just to keep my mind and body active.

It’s about how to write about your hobbies and interests in your online dating profile and make it sound like it’s different from other guys. First of all, there is a damn good chance that the interests you have ARE different than other guys. Describe your passion for them, after all passion is a feeling too. AND, if it’s possible, use your interests to CONNECT with a girl. It’s not always about winning to me, it’s getting out and enjoying the day and the person I’m playing with. ” connection made and she types you a quick message.

So, you can (you don’t have to though), mimic this kind of thinking in your online dating profile write-up…

Or they might do sports casually to stay in shape or to better themselves.I saw a good example of someone mixing up their interests section so that it was interesting, funny, and unique: It has some general interests as well as some that you wouldn't normally for 10 years before they separated in June 2015, told reporters that since their split, she hasn’t “been on a date” and is “not interested in dating,” according to au.Today more than a-quarter of all couples meet online, through dating websites.But in case you can’t find what you’re looking for on traditional sites, here’s a list of some of the newest dating sites, which cater to very specific dating groups. A good strategy might be to list specific types of music or specific genres of movies.

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