Importance of validating feelings are austin mahone and stefanie scott dating

If you can acknowledge their suffering and, acknowledge that the distortions of reality are troubling to them then their stress will go down; they will feel that someone finally understands.

If you decide that they should be acting differently –”more normally” -you are not validating them and the person will feel criticized. I encourage you to look at your loved one in a different way which will help you to change your approach and you will have more positive interactions with them.

People with BPD are also encouraged to live in the moment.

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People who suffer due to Borderline feel emotions as intensely as they display their distress. But with treatment they can learn ways to feel in control.

You need to understand that they believe their reality even if, to you, it is not logical.

Valerie Porr states that “The first crucial step toward family relationship repair is accepting that the person is doing the best she or he can, right now, at this very moment”.

“Perhaps you believe she is manipulating you (or she is extremely willful), or that she could do better if only she would try harder and apply herself”.

The child focuses on how unfair we are, or how bad they are, rather than learning from their mistake.

Some of the ways which we as parents unknowingly stop feelings in children are: While our intention is to teach our child a lesson in the above examples, our results are often much different.Porr asks, “Why would anyone want to be financially dependent on others, live on social security or welfare, continuously lose jobs or relationships, or spend so much time in the emergency room?Accepting this idea will help you to decrease your judgmental attitude and will help foster acceptance of the person as they are in the moment.” A person with BPD wants to improve but s/he lacks the skills to do what others take for granted. Feelings in children that are suppressed, express themselves in a wide variety of misbehavior. Children who are allowed to feel their feelings, and helped by their parents to identify their feelings and learn from them, are learning the skills to deal with life in a responsible way.To understand validation we need to understand the biosocial theory of BPD.

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