move dating relationship forward - Importance of physical attractiveness in dating behavior

The prevalence of attractive models in advertising testifies to the general belief concerning their efficacy as a vehicle of promotion.

I know we can and do, because Diane Keaton crafted an entire dreary second career making movies about the fact that older people have sex.

Most of us who have genitalia already knew that, but somehow it needed to be verified on screen to make it real. Is it because she won't want to pursue a relationship if you appear too eager to hop into bed?

Thus, central versus peripheral routes to persuasion (Petty and Cacioppo 1983) are evaluated within the context of subjects' and models' gender and the latter's physical attractiveness.

BACKGROUND A communicator's physical attractiveness has been investigated as a vehicle mediating both persuasion (Chaiken 1979; Horai, Naccari, and Fatoullah 1974; Maddux and Rogers 1980; Mills and Aronson 1965; Mills and Harvey 1972; Norman 1976; Snyder and Rothbart 1971) and behavioral influence (Dion and Stein 1978).

Attitudes toward the advocated issue, verbal compliance, and impressions of the model are solicited.

While the former measures have been sought previously in marketing studies, the latter impressions have received attention only in psychological research.ABSTRACT - This study examines the effect of both male and female models' physical attractiveness on male and female respondents' reactions to a slide show, designed to gain verbal and behavioral support for a local to unity issue.Cross gender reactions to attractiveness are highlighted, since they have received little attention in past attractiveness research.In addition, within- and across-gender attractiveness effects have received little attention in advertising research.Excepting the Baker and Churchill (1977) study, female models have been the primary stimuli for subjects' perceptions and, instead of manipulations of their physical attractiveness, models' sexiness (or lack thereof) has taken precedence.But I also read in popular articles, that men "become sexually invisible" after 55, and women perhaps a bit younger, so I was worried there for awhile until I realized sexually invisible didn't mean we stopped having sex, it just meant the media stopped wanting to talk about it. I've been the hurtee much more often than I've been the hurter. That weird mythology continues to be passed down over the generations, and I wrongly thought that 55-year-olds wouldn't buy into it. If she doesn't want to, she won't regardless of when you decide to make that move. Is it because if you get to know each other better before having sex he's more likely to appreciate the holistic view of you that goes beyond your body? Is it because sex without love is a meaningless experience?

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