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The present research is an attempt to understand the inferences perceivers make about models based on the model's attractiveness and to ascertain the impact of these inferences on perceivers' evaluations.The study investigates the effect of models' physical attractiveness relative to the gender of the perceiver in a real life promotional context.And I don't like to generalize, so when I hear people say sex is more of an emotional attachment for women than men, I get uncomfortable because I know that's not always the case, and I certainly know of men who emotionally clamp on after sleeping with a woman and women who are perfectly happy to go on their merry way after sleeping with a guy. I am of the (minority) opinion that if there is attraction, if there is a level of trust -- it doesn't have to be absolute (was it in your marriage?

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The prevalence of attractive models in advertising testifies to the general belief concerning their efficacy as a vehicle of promotion.

Researchers have investigated individuals' perceptions of models themselves, of models relative to the ad in which they appear, and relative to the impressions formed of the product represented (Baker and Churchill 1977; Kanungo and Pang 1973; Smith and Engel 1968; Steadman 1969).

Presenters' persuasive effectiveness is gauged by comparing reactions to a control version of the slide show (no model pictured) with treatment versions featuring models of varying attractiveness (all shows presenting identical information).

Thus, central versus peripheral routes to persuasion (Petty and Cacioppo 1983) are evaluated within the context of subjects' and models' gender and the latter's physical attractiveness. Kernan (1984) ,"More Evidence on the Effects of a Presenter's Attractiveness Some Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Consequences", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 11, eds. Kinnear, Provo, UT : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 127-132.

ABSTRACT - This study examines the effect of both male and female models' physical attractiveness on male and female respondents' reactions to a slide show, designed to gain verbal and behavioral support for a local to unity issue.

Cross gender reactions to attractiveness are highlighted, since they have received little attention in past attractiveness research.The present study examines the effectiveness of male and female models' physical attractiveness as perceived by both male and female subjects--effects which have been largely overlooked in both the consumer and psychological literature.To explicate these many relationships, consider the following scenario.The purpose of the presentations was to enlist volunteer help aimed at securing voter passage of the levy.The verbal content of the presentations was decided without much argument.An individual's physical attractiveness serves as a cue for perceivers to make inferences about his/her personal characteristics, abilities, and motivations.

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