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The human race, now numbering 6.5 billion people, has never faced a greater challenge, and there is no time for further delay. itno H news »iih Mm Travs; wuiy rrni Ehmt Daniel Aery; ccw H sfohoe rr cjretchen Vogel CEerlun: 49 «N 30 2809 3902. inxt, Wsdbnd Cen(rrtbr4 [-Lehr L ibr Aunt fn i J, Cc-Jspne ■inp F-r Phutip, rar^s ry Ponr, L'nrv. afi hfffwb S l*i Real; (meirt Mr CDtia Rt A-lien, Univ. With Eppendorf Advantage otters it is now easier than ever to add Eppendorf premium quality centrifuges to your Sab. The Unit sys- tematic studies of synchronization in biological systems (and, in parl Lukir, human physiology I Slutted with Pcs kin’s attempt to model st'l f- synchronimtion of CELEiliac pacemaker cells to understand the uenci'alioji of a hciirl K'al I 7). Device micrograph, magnetomotive characterization, and mode shape.

Eu,iu«it Trista Snyder; assistant rirehi Lim Jtanlwd raokktidn tswuns Ifitbcte john Kdo, Kim4«*(y Oflcr Atvr* rsi N{] hrectoh wdrld vkle Mb sues Bill Moran Pukkii i (science advertismggiaaas D igit wmwtii R-ck Bongiovanni. Rub In, Canrgtt Intitrtiatt at Ku Ancrwi C hniroph rr fi. WAllt Sidt E, h OTOtf t^l Vffrtry BOMO Of Rtflt MRC Etl Otf Juaiuu Ati FNln i h, Sftl Ibin/tul r,'* B. Cla vid Al Uhu Ltr, £'l-j-.i .‘m-hn-urr Attvtt- Mv*tir M«it LL WM* ls Bay, llm. The inset shows the mode shape from finite element simulation, l/ tmf is the voltage measured by the network analyzer, (C) Linear and nonlinear response of the device structure in mode 2.

330-405-70 86, FAX 330-405-7081 ■ mwims-.wlcauur kola Young. caraua Christopher Breslin; 443-512- 0336, FAX 443412.0331 - u A«i RWL-hw Julie Skcet 44 (01 1223 326.524, FAX 44 -jfir Wiw. Nonlinearity commences at similar powers as in the mode 1.

The solutions we develop find applications in areas ranging from life sciences and medicine to flat-panel displays. GFPl , grown in Eh e abacra b ffeft} and presence frighll of do Kvcvc Une (Dtwt K. Tens of thousands of scientists worldwide rely on our products and proven expertise in protein ana lysis and detection every day. We're constantly striving for innovations that boost accuracy and deliver quantitative data. Discover the full power of Ettan DICE and the Amersham ECL 1 '" family of Western blotting systems, eh eatthca protei n_ono ly s is The result is new fluorescence platforms like the Etton™ DIGE Imager and Amersham ECL Plex 1M far quantitative protein analysis. Bjmkgd Lan JO, JS184 LTppida Sweden ® 2907 G*n# pal Bfrt K Company - AJI i^l Ms (r W'ri CE38-M Volume 316 r Issue $821 COVER A Chihuahua walking with a Great Dane more than SO limes its mass. Chou et $1 Entangle me nl between atomic gas clouds 1 melers apart forms a quantum repeater, an essential toot lor passing information in long-distance quantum communication. 1 126/sc i A 0300 CELL BIOLOGY Positive Regulation of Itk PH Domain Function by Soluble IP fl V. BIOCHEMISTRY Binding of the Human Prp3l Nop Domain to a Composite RN A- Protein Platform in U4 sn RNP 5. One life service, tunded through unreslricled grants by several pharmaceutical compa- nies, already coded? BEHAR/ JEAN-Ml CHEL DUGOUJON, 1 CLOTl LDE COUDRAYP A. S ynthetic chemists have long endeavored to design host molecules eapahk of se- lectively binding slow-reacting substrates and catalyzing their dtcmical reactions. Two common motifs used by nature to ac- tivate otherwise unit active compounds are the precise arrangement of hydrogen-bcmdi ng networks and electrostatic ini cruet ions be- tween tlie substrate and adjacent residues of the protein (/), Precise rirrangenienl of" liydm- R-ef ere rices end Notes L ]. Hinli, Ji Lntve r Jheoiy of Dnloartions (Krieger, Malabar, FL r ed. The mixing ratio ol ice and dust cannot he precisely measured from optical data, hut it has been shown that only a small traction (, 23- The authors acknowledge the support of the space agencies d Italy l Agenna Spanale Italianal. ; accepled 27 February 2007 Published anlne IS March 2007; 10. u = f j /i (ihe drag resist- ance) is a measure of t -e interaction between the layers. University of Cam- bridge, Wadingley Road, ■Cambridge CB3 ONE, UK. Lsavrl [email protected]«uli because Coulomb drag originates from e-e inteniettons.

and observed by fluorescence mi'cnj Eccpy (40x roegnlficfftf EHni J, Visit oui Visit our website today and plan for tomorrowf Products for your research needs Fluorescent it Luminescent Reporters Gene Expression & Delivery Gene Expression Profiling Non-coding RNA Research fit RNAi Nucleic Add Purification Oligo Modification PCR & RT-PCR Products Protein Arrays Protein Expression & Purification Protein-Protein Interaction Systems Ludfan M expression in. By continually developing technology that can turn your scientific ideas into reality, we J fe bringing science to life and helping to transform drug discovery and healthcare. The extreme diversity in body size among purebred dogs is greater than lhai of any other mammalian species. irw el al A protein within the panicle (hat assembles mature m RNAs has both SNA and protein binding surfaces, and il achieves binding specificity by acting as a molecular ruler. 0-C MOM PVrltth Ubi t W Ht LM*M) pad jl m^mqku L DC ni aldil Kf\tf man'll w i Cnpyrtghl 0 MOT bf Ihtmcricjn fc MWJhtn toi Ihe hfrz Ktmml ri Sththc. and distributes to subscribers on a weekly basis journal abstracts aboul in Fluenza and other topics. SILVAN A 5ANIACHIARA BENERECETTi, 1 OR N ELLA 5EMINO, 1 HAMS JURGEN BANDELT,* ANTONIO TORRONI ]h ^ipartimenia d : l Generic* e Murobioltiqia, University di Pdvia. ^Department nf Biotechnology, College ol Science, University ol Baghdad, I rat]. Where- as synthetic catalysts are often site-spec i He Department al Chemftliy, University at California. *To whom correspondence Should be addressed, E-mail: [email protected](R. the United Stales (NASA), and Europe (European Space Agency! 1126/science, 1139672 include this infamation when citing this paper. The measurement of Coulomb drag in systems of parallel layers was first pro- posed in ( /, 2) and later realized in a number of experiments U -7) |for :i review, see (A) |, l 5chaot of Physics, Unimsily ol Exeter, 5t«ker «M(f, beier EX4 4Qi. J The Abdus UUm Interaartooal Cenlrt lor Tlwcretka L Physics, 5trada Cmtiefa 11. ii lias become a sensitive tool for their study in many problems of contempo- rary condensed-matter physics. Coulomb drag has been used in the search for Bose -condensation of interlayer cxctlons (9), the metal -insulator transition in 2D layers = N ,- J {h Tf l*L\ g V, i (Fig, 4), Tile variance is VOL 3 1 6 6 APRIL 2007 101 REPORTS calculated in ihe limits of both die diffbsive x v {solid line* Ttp K T) and hmlli-stic i v (dashed line, sc 7^ with , Vs I (J -a (id iiy of our explanation.

(Mc Donald Institute Monographs, Mc Donald in strtute Dor Archaeological Research, Cambridge, 2003), pp, W-lll. A total basal dislocation is thus considered to possess two alomic slip planes.

It is important to note that these two partial motions are not independent in our proposed model. move simulta- neously on adjacent l UOUl) basal planes to complete die perfect dislocation slip. Drg F mrecth: Marten d 2 ended; m iuun Way Ion Butler; rsiems shcuusi Andrew Uargo.:cusi BMn service luntvrscw Pal Sutler; ekcimhh Laurie Elaker, Tamara Alison, Karena Smith, Vicki lintdii, Latoya Gtsloc-l; circulation associate Christopher flehce, batr enthv su Mmiscw Cyntb-a Fohnsnn; sp«i ALisrs Tomcka Diggs, larrika Mil, Erin Laync Bush ess Opteiiiori ud Amnmttuehn o Mtcigv Deborah Britrj- Wcnhefd; ini Miis wisik Bandy 7i; itnti ruhnisi iultu Lisa Donbvan; wimti anrlut ft Sika Taccney; (■*M*L*B*w Tr( Mxb*L Le Bue, Farida Yc-atmin; wtim AUi SHUitsib K: w Hi Ketii Atu* Emilif David; asshmie ELizabrth Sandler; jnmieimc: rn Kiwi John Meyers; HMi Lri NL Mtuun Darryl Waller, Alison Pritchard; mmuhhu acsooutcs Juiiarnc Wie Jga, Mary Ellen Crowley, Catherne Fealherston, Alison Clunrtcr, Lauren Lamourein; mie rnmioral mmniiik hanmer W endy Stu rlc-v, marxctirs mcutive Jennifer Reeves; mrxe ri RC wvj HUt sehvkei EXKumi Linda Rusk; iahh sals Jason Ha nnalwd; urt license sales- mki« Tnqi (tyj^- sales ano cuttower hryxe TWian Ddisarri, Ki ks Forsytbe, Calberine Do Uand. The response has lorentzian Shape in the linear regime. Wendy Wise; be (Tronic me&ia mrm- roer Litaboth Harman: none? Asymmetric responses and hysteresis occur when Pj h** is greater than -60 d Bm (trace D). stacking is preserved after (he dislocation motion, the Q sublatticc can also preserve a perfect slacking sequence by an appropriate small modification in thc O atom positions. However, the devia- tions arc related to the positions of the Al atoms, neigh boring O, atoms and vaeanl sites sandwiched between (he O layers, Because the perfect A! (C) The passage of the second partial (AHerminated J slipping on an O plane, it is expected that (B) and (O occur simultaneously, and during the process, slight relaxation in the O plane in between the slip planes 1 and Z is required to preserve the perfect stacking sequence in 0 layers.

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