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This break-up hurt me more than any previous one, just because it seemed so ridiculous — we were getting along so well!

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I want kids dating 10 types of women to avoid dating

But when Joe finally pinned me down, I said that I had never thought about it.

It was a pretty transparent lie, and by Thanksgiving, Joe had dumped me.

So if you’re one of the growing group of women who realize motherhood isn't your bag, how do you ask about a new partner's future plans without coming off as, you know, totally psycho? As soon as possible, in a relationship that seems like it has long-term potential.

You don’t have to plan a “special talk," or make a big deal about it — just make sure the information is known to your partner.

(aka "Baby ready now") is a dating website specifically for people who want to be upfront with potential partners about their desire to have children. K.'s The Guardian:"I couldn't seem to meet anyone willing to prioritise starting a family and struggled with when to mention wanting kids any time I met someone new. Then one day I read a profile from a 38-year-old who said she knew it was 'really bad to admit' but she wanted children.

Then this new website, founded by a former actor, might be for you (well, if you live in Denmark, that is).And I just thought: 'You shouldn't be ashamed of this.And thus, was born (and hopefully, many other babies as a result of the site's existence).I, on the other hand, had long known having kids was not for me.But my relationship with Joe seemed to be going so well, that I decided to keep that to myself.After spending the better part of my dating career in messy, drama-filled relationships, I met Joe.

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