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I decided there and then to show her my kinky play den! My friend was further intrigued as I led her down into my Prison Cell area and told her stories of slaves I have had imprisoned in there some for days! Her strength is paramount she did spank my naughty naked slave whilst he was unpacking my groceries and her hand mark was there most of the evening. Wearing my most seductive Nylon stockings so call me now! Mistress Hell I am currently away in Barbados on holiday. Booked for a companion now available with a few days left I may just enjoy the time with my lifestyle Fetish Mistress Jay! Maybe you could take me out in the sunny world of Barbados! Mistress Helena xxx In the midst of Huddersfield two cruel Mistresses awaited arrival of our slave. There was a knock at the door, we knew who it was, I opened the door hiding behind it so he could not see my latex prison attire. We switched it on slowly enforcing his hole and began kissing whilst watching our subject. We decided to unlock our slave and cold cane him harshly ready for his rest on the prison bed.

Today we enjoyed a private speedboat swimming with beautiful turtles in the Barbados sea! My thigh boots ready to crush him if I felt to do so. We ordered silence and shoved my used panties into his mouth securing them with masking tape. Pretty Mistress made me so wet she removed my panties and made him sniff my cum. Telling him that was where he would be until we decided.

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Keep them coming and help me to stay at the top of the search engine listings.

I have at last got round to putting the webcams into counties.

look no futher I'm a very experienced and well travelled …

Your Mistress Hell has managed to sort fantastic superfast Broadband which means I am available to chat and be seen real time on Webcam. I am available this week before I travel and maybe available while I am away in Bali! I leave for vacation on the 11th September returning on the 25th.

If you come across any sites that don't work, could you please send me an e-mail with the name of the site, and I will try my best to get it to work again or replace it with one that does work close to. The images on this site are of the Current Weather and Cloud conditions through-out the United Kingdom If you wish to add your webcam to this site you are welcome to so.

Also if you have a computer be brave get yourself a webcam, build a webpage and the send me the link to your site, that way we can cover all the country, it isn't hard to do and it dosen't cost the earth.

Quickly Pretty Mistress awaited behind me pillowcase in hand ready to cover the captives face! The pillow placed back on his head."You lucky Bitch! Locking the heavy cell door, we told him exactly what we would be doing and yes I know you may wonder! Your Mistress will be in London Monday till Wednesday 27th-29th July.

I grabbed him by his wrist putting him into an arm hold while Pretty Mistress placed the pillowcase on his head and secured the police handcuffs on his wrists. Now taste my panties, your only going to have what we give you from now on! Oh and if you want feeding its what we spit out or crush on the floor for you. Before bed Huddersfield's Pretty Mistress decided we should milk our prisoner, so using our Venus 2000 onto his pathetic cock! I am available as a Double Domme with Mistress Saphire or Solo.

It has taken me over 8 years to get the site where it is now.

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