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Before Twitter became as mainstream as it is today, Linked In had its own replication of the tweet with its “Status Update.” A lot of people used to wonder what to use their Linked In Status Update for.

Now that Linked In is integrated with Twitter, and more Linked In members are on Facebook, people get the idea of what they could put on their Linkedin Status Update.

Because you are encouraged to follow lots of different people – those you know and those you don’t – and because you don’t require their permission to do so, Twitter is a more informal and loosely connected network.

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Furthermore, if you repeatedly show up multiple times in Network Updates on someone’s Home Page in the same day, it begins to look spammy, that you are trying too hard to “gain mindshare.” There are other and better ways of doing that on Linked In.

And do remember that Linked In is also a Professional environment, so some personal tweets and Facebook posting content might not be appropriate here… Similar to Twitter, there are so many people on Facebook competing for space on your News Feed that if you don’t post a lot you may not get noticed.

However, the question brings to mind a greater issue: Each social media site has its own functionality, demographics, history, and culture.

And you may have one or multiple objectives for using these sites.

I often get asked about whether it makes sense to completely integrate Twitter Tweets with your Linked In Status Update, so that every tweet shows up on Linked In.

Obviously there is no one correct answer for this as it depends on your objective and Linked In Brand.

You simply have to be logged in to your Twitter account and your Facebook account, and navigate to the app page:

Then, just click “Allow” when asked if you want to connect your two accounts, and voila! After setting this up, all of your tweets will be simultaneously posted to your Facebook profile, with a little note at the bottom mentioning that it came from Twitter.

), but believe me, neither your Facebook nor your Twitter friends will thank you.

Before we get into the details of why it’s a bad idea to connect your Twitter to your Facebook account, here’s how to do it (for those who want to flout my advice): As Twitter’s Help Center explains, you can post all of your tweets to your Facebook profile using an official application.

When I say tweets, I’m talking about sharing some type of relevant and valuable information, not just chit-chat.

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