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The Wiedenbach inkjet printers have been field tested for over twenty years in all types of applications and production environments. The best system for pigmented inks in the world provides absolute stability for all pigment- based inks.

In addition to this the colours, adhesive properties and permanency of inks are extremely good. Worldwide market leader in the cable & wire industry due to the fastest printing speed among the worldwide inkjet printers.

The non-contact inkjet printers can print at high resolution on moving or non-moving products. The Wiedenbach non-contact inkjet printers can code on almost all types of surfaces, materials, and shapes.

We provide a wide range of software options and peripheral equipment, which creates various barcodes, 2D matrix codes, symbols, logos, metre marking, consecutive numbering, manufacturing details etc.

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Wiedenbach has long experience in designing and manufacturing non-contact inkjet printers.

This has led the company to develop a very special ink circulation and mixing system - dispergator.

overview wiedenbach technology technology printing samples consumables consumables accessories applications product overview model cs-405 model cs-407 model wp-405 model wp-407 model tssg-202 2a model tssg-207 2spa custom-made inkjet principle worldwide We at AUSGIANT Marking Systems have co-operated with WIEDENBACH for inkjet coding and marking technologies.

Wiedenbach, a leading manufacturer of special continuous inkjet printers, commenced inkjet development specially for pigmented inks in Germany in 1983.

It was the only company worldwide using pigmented inks in production until 1994.

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