How to detect online dating scams Free hookups no regestration no credit card

Much like a sleight-of-hand magician uses misdirection, scammers use false urgency to distract you from their true goal.

This software is usually malware, disguised as something else.

Scammers make money through malware affiliate marketing programs which pay them to infect computers so that those computers can be effectively sold into virtual slavery as part of large botnets.

Take your time and check the Internet for keywords used in the email to see if it might be a known scam.

If the email claims to be from your bank, call the customer service number on the last statement you received in the mail and NOT the one number you found in the email.

Some scammers might even try to convince you that they are law enforcement and that you've committed a crime such as downloading pirated software.

They will use your fear to trick you into paying a "fine" (called ransomware) to make everything OK, but it's nothing more than blackmail under false pretense.Always contact your bank at the number on your latest statement, never use a number found in an email, or on a website that you were directed to by an email.We all know the old saying "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is".Usually, scammers will use fear to manipulate you into doing something you normally wouldn't.They'll tell you something is wrong with your account or your computer to scare you.The previous paragraph was an extreme oversimplification of the basics of a typical online scam, the "real" versions of these scams are much more sophisticated and believable.

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