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Stuttering may spontaneously disappear by early adolescence, but speech and language therapy should be considered.Typical voice disorders include hoarseness, breathiness, or sudden breaks in loudness or pitch.Language disorders may be related to other disabilities such as mental retardation, autism, or cerebral palsy.

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Speech and language delays may be due to many factors, including environmental factors or hearing loss.

Hearing impairments include partial hearing and deafness.

– National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY) The term communication disorders encompasses a wide variety of problems in language, speech, and hearing.

Speech and language impairments include articulation problems, voice disorders, fluency problems (such as stuttering), aphasia (difficulty in using words, usually as a result of a brain injury), and delays in speech and/or language.

Deafness may be defined as a loss sufficient to make auditory communication difficult or impossible without amplification. Conductive hearing losses are caused by diseases or obstructions in the outer or middle ear and can usually be helped with a hearing aid.

Sensorineural losses result from damage to the sensory hair cells of the inner ear or the nerves that supply it and may not respond to the use of a hearing aid.

Articulation disorders are characterized by the substitution of one sound for another or the omission or distortion of certain sounds.

Stuttering or dysfluency is a disorder of speech flow that most often appears between the ages of 3 and 4 years and may progress from a sporadic to a chronic problem.

A child’s communication is considered delayed when the child is noticeably behind his or her peers in the acquisition of speech and/or language skills.

Sometimes a child will have greater receptive (understanding) than expressive (speaking) language skills, but this is not always the case.

You can also learn how to deal with problems as they arise in order to move past arguments and toward solutions.

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