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The third was the incredible coincidence of this group of women receiving a phone call about a dead child while the cameras were rolling, the reaction that followed and the fact that it wasn’t our Ms.

D’Elia that took the call nor was the woman who did take the call identified…as a teacher…or in any other way.

The second was her comment that she found out about the shooting when she received a text from her dad.

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This is the first in a series of articles in which we will take a closer look at the cast of characters that have been a large part of shaping our emotions and perceptions following the events in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

In part one we will focus on a woman named Erin D’Elia.

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Unfortunately it has proven most difficult to find any substantial information on many of them.

For that reason some of the information provided in this series of articles will be open-ended but I am open to receiving further information from interested parties wishing to clarify oddities, connections and coincidences.

Regardless, the point is it’s an extremely contentious topic.

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