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For more info on any of the properties listed here please contact the Beverly Heritage Center.The 1841 Jail is our first priority development project.There have been conversations about possibly moving the building to a location farther back on the lot, away from the highway which has encroached too close to the building through the years. Descendants of the family donated the house to Rich Mountain Battlefield Foundation following the 1996 fire, in hopes that the building could be preserved and used for an educational or historic purpose.

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Description: The northeast corner of this house is a two story log cabin, within the larger, clapboard covered building.

Now a 5-bay 2-story house with an addition on the rear, it has an outside end chimney on the south and an interior chimney.

We are seeking potential investors to participate in this project, as well as potential retail tenants for the building once complete.

Property Description: The front facade of this building is three bays wide.

The large stones of the cell rooms can be seen on the sides of the building.

The foundations of the building are hand-shaped stone, laid without mortar.

It has highly significant history, but faces several redevelopment challenges.

With interior fire damage, and a location too close to the highway, the building is currently mothballed and awaiting a new future.

History: Traditionally known as Westfall Fort, the building may date as early as 1772.

By 1840 this house was owned by Montgomery Hart, who had a saddle shop down the street.

It has a stone foundation and basement walls, including a stone cistern in the basement.

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