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Keep in mind, we buy tickets early to get the best seats possible.

A few weeks back some friends called and said they had two extra tickets to the Eagles at Sprint Center in Kansas City for Monday, March 19.

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I would think Secretary of State would be the hardest job you could ever have, next to President of the United States.

Somehow, I dont quite picture him with his feet up on his desk with The Gyp Hill Premiere spread open.

I didnt even tell you how good REO Speedwagon and STYX were.

So, I really dont have a bucket-list for concerts anymore.

I ran into the office and pulled my column off the page, so that at the very least, we could share our condolences with Brett and Kim and all the folks at Finchers Findings.

We dont yet know when his services will be, but we will try to update everyone on Facebook.

I just have the same old desire to see the ones I love.

An interesting side note: the Eagles play in Tulsa on June 17. We cant make it though because we have one of our new favorite bands playing for our anniversary!

From my limited knowledge of him and first impressions, I believe Mr.

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