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Recently, hes President Trumps pick for replacing Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.

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Only Don Henley and Glenn Frey were original members up until Freys death in 2016.

You still have the familiar Joe Walsh on guitar and vocals and Timothy B.

Anyone that knows Ronda and I very well, know that we love live music. " I had a really tough time answering that question. Youve got that one band that you always turn up the radio when they come on. It might sound silly, but if you love music like I do, you know how it moves the soul. I always watch the upcoming concert alerts for anything from Kansas City to Dallas to see if theres a concert sneaking up that I want to reserve seats for.

A guy I met recently posed a question to me and asked, "Who is a band you havent seen yet that you would say would be a bucket-list item? I must be getting old because I have caught myself telling my kids their rap music is terrible, too loud and to turn it off.

I trust him to make decisions to keep us safe and to promote Americas interests throughout the world.

The community woke Saturday morning to the sad news of Ron Finchers passing.Ron was a friend to all of us in town and he will be greatly missed.While the kids were growing up, I did the typical dad thing (relived my childhood through them). I was the, "hey, lets buy the kids gokarts, motorcycles and BB-guns! Both Breeann and Joey had multiple motorcycle and gokart injuries.I ran into the office and pulled my column off the page, so that at the very least, we could share our condolences with Brett and Kim and all the folks at Finchers Findings.We dont yet know when his services will be, but we will try to update everyone on Facebook.I just have the same old desire to see the ones I love.

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