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Kurama makes the first move withhis long=ranged rose whip. Okay, so whoever it was, you want to prove themwrong, and Koemna, well, once you're doneseeing the gang, you're going after him andstomp on him like crazy.

He thrusts itstraight at Ink, but she counter attacked it bywrapping her whip around it. you smile, but thenwonderwhy doesnt she just use the DEATH Opalto kill us now? Becuase me made youinto a memeber, but anyway, please rate andmessage. I am sosorry i didn't put much of him in dis one....

Not that it stops Kuwabara from acting like a jerk! Well, your best friend is living with you in Sprit World. ^o^ In the hour or so you had talking to the group,you've made a good impression on them. The next quizwill be called: YYH: *Crystal Training* , whichyou should go to. The nextquiz that YOU have to go to to proceed withthis story is called YYH: ~Crystal Frenzy~ . Message me yourideas if you want to read this ASAP! Also, message me if youd like, i dostill accept requests and ideas. The next chapter will be called YYH: Perspective and will not need a password. It will be for afuture chapter, and Im planning for itto be called YYH: =Battle for LIFE= and thepassword'll be: Defend Well, I hope you liked this chapter! I take it Koenmadoesn't want anything to happen to u 2. But think of itthis way at least u and Hiei will have somealone time while the guys train. Well U learned more about these demons and Botonjust gave u something that u seemed to bewaiting for anixously but what is it??? OK well ur having Hiei's baby and u just got backto Koenma's cause the tournaments in a few daysand ur already around 40 days pregnant. Rate high message ifu want and u'll find out tomorrow night. Well thatsgood because he love you back with all of hisheart he cant let you go and you cant let himgo! and you and Hiei are a couple and youare going to the movies with your buds but howare things going to go ?

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Inks aura flickerslike a black flame violently, and she holds herright hand out. Hiei hated when youguys fought and he was crying because hethought he hurt you.

A black energy orb grows in herpalm, and she grasps it, turning it into ashadow whip. Hiei really likes you but doesnt know how to tellyou.... Hiei would never try tohurt you on purpose...congrats!

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Remeber you should go to theone w/ the *'s, and the password is: Katana You've become accepted into the group. Remember, go to the one w/ the ~'s, and thepassword is: Speed Hiei. The nextchapter that YOU should go to is called YYH:=Crystal's Mission=, and the password is: Demon Well it was a long boring day... Once again,please rate, and also, messages are alwayswelcome. Nextquiz may take u by surprise some of u may hateit and some of u may love it. Well I know there wasn't alot going on in this quizand I'm sorry but all tha happened had asignificance. But if u dothere's no fancy wedding but that shouldn'tmatter to u it should just matter that urgetting married to the man u love. stay tuned to find outin a mermaid in love part g(7) ok so you and Hiei are in love with each other butyou know you must let him go for sometime youdon't want to get anyone else involved.

He's just the type for you and you two reallygot to connect today. Also, I REALLYapologize if I was a little rude w/ the specialed. *bows to viewersfor forgiveness, like a japanese person*Viewers: You're not even japaneses... The next 3 quizzes will not need apassword either, but it will be required youremember which YYH: Crystal Frenzy one you took! : D U r now on the Urameshi team, whether u like it ornot u have no alternative. Ok u just spent the night in Hiei's arms u bothwoke up really late after ur long talk ongetting to know eachother. The next quiz will be a lotbetter I promise also it might be a really longone. Well pleaserate high and if I get a lot of high rates Imight even put the next up later tonight. Kuramaloves and charishes you like a soul sister andis sad that you are hiding something from himand the gang, How will the others react whenand if they find out what's going on?!

'You do whatyour heart tells you too'he answers in yourear. or I will tell ppl you didnt hep me in the nextquiz...... Ok, your spending the night in Hiei's bedroom afterplaying truth or dare..botan likeskeonma!? And in this quiz is when you kissed Hiei during truth or dare. *wink wink nudge nudge*Hiei killed the goddess..almost getting killeddoing did he get away from theblack tree of death? Bad news: does that mean helikes you or does that mean you're important tothis mystery person and Hiei just wants toplease Hiei is very curious about you. BTW:just so you know...didn't even see everyonein the living room. Everyone knows about u guys and u fought in thetournaments with them but what is with thatlittle demon u killed and now ur heading totheir house. Ur also feeling guilty aboutall of this being ur fault. Maybe the guys will come back withsome news from Koenma. Swhat your home looks like from just above thewater is the pic. You seem more suitable for Hieiright now though You dont express your feelingsvery well Like him You say Hn a lot Like him Truth or Dare coming up in the next quiz.

You hide your smile, but gaze into hiseyes, loving how strong he is and how caring heis. He is dying to getto know you but with all of these privateconvos with other people..can't. well ppl things are getting interesting you lookgreat very amazing and they all think sowhat's going to happen next? hmmm guess you'll haveto wait to find out bye ok so you have become queen given up the titlekilled all three royal children freed yourpeople and won Hiei's heart not bad huh?

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Hiei~ You are the second most attractive of thegroup with great red eyes (and a few purple)and black gravity defying hair. so kuwabara you saywell kuwabara how about you get your stupidannoying ass out of my face before I rip it offand with that you punch him in the gut and hefalls holding his gut then you hear peoplelaughing you look up and see two guys laughingtheir asses off and one biting his thumb theone biting his thimb walks up to you sayingsorry for his friends rudeness and that hisname is kurama he then points to the boy thatwas standing over you earlier and says thatshiei and then he points to a boy with slickedblack hair and said thats yuseke he then saysyou have alredy meet kuwabara you say hi mynames mika so will you plez leave m alone now Iam busy. ' He places afinger on your lips, and then frenches you thistime. Okay, so the little drinking party wasn't all thatgreat right? Well anyways Hiei is inlova and you get mad and you are beingsurrounded by flames then they disapear and youblack out! same hiar style same coloreyes different ears but in half demonform!!!!! You look the same but different hair colorand different ears everything else is thesame.

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