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2PM Nichkhun said, Sohee was Steamed Bun and Nichkhun say, everyone will smile when they see Sohee smile. She was help JYP in fixing the melody for 2PM's Hands Up.

Sohee was also influence Yeeun to write the song GNO.

I was preparing but they said they haven't set up a microphone! Normally they would be pink, but after you smoke a long time, they start turning purple.

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(LOL XD)Heechul to Ayumi:”You may think that I have no manners. I have the looks, the brains and the knowledge, so of course I won’t have a good temper. ” (Ayumi lifted her hands up and Heechul backs off because he thought she was going to slap him)Ayumi:”Wait a bit.”Hankyung’s proposal to Ayumi (sits with lots of confidence). Being his usual self, Heechul was goofing around like always.

Ayumi (amazed):”It’s the first time I’ve seen him like this.”Hankyung (bows):”Hello~”Ayumi (bows):”Hello~”Hankyung:”First time seeing you today. Everybody knows how Heechul always talks a lot on shows and has lots of camera time.

In another, the actor attempts to hold Sohee by the shoulders to which she moves away in an indication she’s uncomfortable with that position and opts to hold his arm instead as he puts up two thumbs up.

is a film that stars actors Gong Yoo, Ma Dong Seok, Jung Yu Mi, Choi Woo Sik, Ahn Sohee, Kim Soo Ahn and Kim Eui Sung, and is a zombie-apocalypse thriller film that follows passengers stuck in a KTX train as they attempt to survive from a virus and make their way from Seoul to Busan.

Heechul must regretful for not choose her at the beginning. She said they really did look a lot alike in person.

If Jaejoong-ssi is somewhat like a snob girl who is like a fierce cat, then Sungmin-ssi is a foxy-like girl.

Nice to meet you.”Ayumi:”Yes, nice to meet you.”Hankyung:”Thanks for working so hard today. But on this episode of Love Letter he never had the intentions to steal Hankyung’s camera time.

As he knows that this is Hankyung’s first time appearing on a Korean show. All I know is that when Hankyung hugged Heechul, it’s called ”friendship”.

I have also taught you lots of swear words.’Heechul’s proposal to Ayumi: ”I’ve been watching you for a while.. ”Ayumi:”I like Hankyung-ssi.” (Hankyung was very happy and went over to Heechul and hugged him saying,”Heechul, you worked hard.)Heechul:”I was probably too much pressure for her.” (LOL!

It seems like Ayumi-ssi has some feelings for me too. that is…” (Hankyung reaches his hand out to tick on Heechul’s arm)Heechul to Hankyung: Stand still. (LOL Heechul laughed shockingly with his big eyes)Kang Ho Dong:”I’ll let you guys exchange eye contact first.” (Heechul stared at Ayumi with his big eyes and turned from conceited to cute)Kang Ho Dong:”Ayumi, do you like Heechul? )This was Hankyung’s first time participating on a Korean show.

Known as an adorable fan of Sohee since the day Wonder Girls made its debut, needless to say, Super Junior’s Heechul was the happiest person among the TV show’s cast.

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