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But they were actually sent from a fake account set up by a joker in a bid to prank the politician.

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Shadow international trade secretary Barry Gardiner told LBC radio yesterday: 'I have been told that Diane has been diagnosed with a serious, long-term condition.'I hope people will simply say 'Okay, fair dos, if that's the reason she's been under par, we should back off'.'Miss Abbott herself tweeted: 'Touched by all the messages of support. Joining dozens of other in resigning in a bid to force the left-winger out, she said at the time that 'the situation is now untenable'.

Her resignation came after the Parliamentary Labour Party voted by 172 to 40 that it had no confidence in Mr Corbyn.

Diane Abbott broke cover this morning to vote in the General Election - after being asked to step aside from her frontbench position by Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour left-winger was left humiliated when she was ditched from her post as shadow home secretary in the final hours of the campaign after she featured in a string of car crash interviews.

And yesterday she sent dozens of tweets - despite being pulled off the campaign trail.

The dramatic move came after Ms Abbott was left floundering yet again when she was asked about a key report on terrorism in an interview on Monday night.

Ms Brown was embroiled in controversy in 2011 when she barged into the back of blind journalist Sean Dilley and his golden retriever guide dog as he was walking in a corridor in parliament.

Witnesses were shocked to see a clearly stressed Miss Brown bulldoze into the back of Mr Dilley before overtaking him, shouting: 'For ****'s sake, move out of my ******* way.' When the journalist demanded to know Miss Brown's name, as he could not see who had bumped into him, she was said to have replied: 'I am not giving it to you, **** off.' In an interview on LBC last month she was unable to say how much Labour's flagship manifesto promise to recruit an extra 10,000 police officers would cost - wildly speculating at the figure. She was left floundering again when she was unable to identify a single one of the recommendations of a key terrorism report.

Paul Bhattacharjee, whose sudden death has caused shock and sadness in the theatre world, was a versatile and talented actor.

He had played in a wide variety of roles in over 40 productions, ranging from Shakespeare to East Enders through to the Bond film Casino Royale.

Mr Corbyn said his counter-terrorism chief was 'unwell' and would be temporarily replaced by Lyn Brown - a little-known politician who previously quit his frontbench complaining that his leadership was 'untenable'.

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