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action scene for Shilpa’s film, Shamita was by his side the whole time.“Harman has been a frequent visitor to Raj and Shilpa’s Juhu home.The twosome have been getting steadily closer, much to elder sister Shilpa’s delight.

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Harman baweja dating shamita

They also saw an illusionist act performed by Darcy Oaks.

Harman Baweja's professional life may not have taken off the way he intended it to, but the actor's personal life has always made headlines.

When we ask her about her friendship with Harman, she predictably says, “We are very good friends.

We hang out together with a bunch of mutual friends, which includes Shilpa and Raj, but we are not dating.” Harman too totes the same line, saying, “Shamita is a dear friend.

When the daily asked both Shamita and Harman about their affair, the duo concluded the topic by stating that there were 'just friends.' Shamita, who had acted just in few films, failed to make it big in Bollywood.

Even Harman Baweja's Bollywood career graph hasn't been too exciting.

दोनों के बीच बढ़ती नजदीकियों और परिवारों के बीच बढ़ते मेलजोल को देखकर यह लगता है कि दोनों जल्दी ही अपने रिश्ते को किसी बंधन में बांधने वाले हैं.

This is one couple who has remained out of the spotlight, but BT has learned that Shamita Shetty and Harman Baweja have been dating for a while now.

हरमन बावेजा भले ही अपने प्रोफेशनल लाइफ में बहुत अच्छा न कर पाए हों, पर अपनी लव लाइफ की वजह से वो हमेशा चर्चा में रहते हैं. खबर है कि हरमन बावेजा आजकल शि‍ल्पा शेट्टी की छोटी बहन शमिता शेट्टी को डेट कर रहे हैं. हालांकि पार्टी में हरमन और शमिता अलग-अलग आते और जाते हैं.

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