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The killer could be anyone in the movie, and in the one sequence with a “Scream”-like tinge of meta japery, Tree makes a list of all the potential culprits and spies on them (which allows her to learn, among other things, that her text date is gay).

If it's Valentine sewing our hearts literally and theoretically together, we're totally okay with that.

Or maybe the ‘Diet Coke of love’ is a better way to describe it.

It’s a slasher film with one victim elevated to a next-level video game.

Jessica Rothe, who plays Tree, is no blank horror princess.

Just like the rest of us, those whose careers mean sorting out dead bodies all day might prefer to bang someone who also knows all the slang words for 'corpse'.

And seeing as there are dating apps for pretty much every type of person – including dog-lovers – it's only fair a Tinder equivalent for death professionals exists.

In the lead up to the oft dreaded love holiday, she counted down the days with her morbidly sensual Instagram feed for her blog Chick and the Dead and hosted a "heart-potting class" for intrigued couples on the special day.

Nobody does death and love quite as well as this corpse-lovin' Cupid.

“Happy Death Day” is “Groundhog Day” dipped in blood, and if the movie isn’t all that clever, it’s just clever enough to get by.

It’s the latest horror film from Blumhouse Productions, the company that gave us the magnificent “Get Out,” as well as “Split,” “Paranormal Activity,” and “The Purge,” and this one, like those last three, should find an audience that wants a few teasing “ideas” mixed in with its visceral jolts.

Which means that she’s doomed — or privileged — to live that day again. This make Tree, in her way, a singular character in the history of slasher cinema: She’s the sleeping-around libertine who gets bumped off, the virtuous heroine whose goodness protects her, all at the same time.

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