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As a personalitydisorder, i think its seen in much the same vein as antisocialpersonality disorder or even sociopathy and the likes of that, whereit really isnt comparable to those.

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However, Gentry's "polonium halos" are found along microscopic cracks in rocks that also contain uranium halos (Wakefield 1988)(Collins 1997) and Po-218 is also a decay product of radon which as a gas can be given off by a grain of uranium in one part of the rock and migrate to another part of the rock to form a uraniumless halo (Baillieul 2005)(Brawley 1992).

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(Because of their continuous energy distribution and greater range, beta particles cannot form distinct rings.) The final characteristics of the radiohalo depends upon the initial isotope, and the size of each ring of a radiohalo is dependent upon the alpha decay energy.

A radiohalo formed from U-238 has theoretically eight concentric rings, with five actually distinguishable under a lighted microscope, while a radiohalo formed from polonium has only one, two, or three rings depending on which isotope is the starting material (Weber 2010).

Barbaragreenberg, who treats bpd, thomas, a 32-year-old who dates someonewith bpd, and karla, a 29-year-old recently diagnosed as borderline.

I thinkto myself, oh, maybe theyre working, maybe theyre at dinner, oreven theyre in the middle of skydiving, just to ease the nerves.

The inclusions are typically zircon, apatite, or titanite which can accommodate uranium or thorium within their crystal structures (Faure 1986).

One explanation is that the discolouration is caused by alpha particles emitted by the nuclei; the radius of the concentric shells are proportional to the particle's energy (Henderson & Bateson 1934).

I didfeel awful if i made him upset but i would get angry when i felt likehe didnt care.

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