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An example of the first-person shooter genre, Elite Force is based on gameplay conventions shared by multiple other games.The game is focused on story-driven combat within a 3D environment, with all activity viewed as if from the eyes of the game's protagonist.Raven Software released an expansion pack to the game in May 2001, while Wildstorm adapted the story for a short graphic novel in July 2000.

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The game is set in the Star Trek universe, specifically relating to the fourth Star Trek television series, Star Trek: Voyager.

The dates in the game place Elite Forces sixth season.

Usually, the player is equipped with a hand phaser, a low-damage weapon that automatically recharges ammunition, and a phaser compression rifle, a more powerful weapon with an optional sniper mode for long distance kills.

Other weapons, acquired as the game progresses, include grenade launchers, stasis weaponry and pulse energy weapons.

Players can compete against other players in local area network and Internet games, or play against bots, opponents that use the game's artificial intelligence.

Each player can choose one of a variety of Star Trek characters as their aesthetic player character in multiplayer.

The player character possesses numerical values for their health and armor, which are displayed on the game's heads-up display.

As the player character takes damage from non-player characters and certain aspects of the environment, both values will decrease; when the health value reaches zero, the player character will die.

Other enemies may attempt to swarm the player and eliminate them with melee attacks.

The player is usually accompanied by one or more friendly non-player characters, who will follow the player and provide assistance in combat against enemies.

Armor lessens the impact to the player character's health from hostile action, but once depleted the player will be more susceptible to damage.

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