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Arrian, writing in the second century AD, recorded that Alexander commanded Aristobulus, one of his warriors, to enter the monument.

Inside he found a golden bed, a table set with drinking vessels, a gold coffin, some ornaments studded with precious stones and an inscription on the tomb.

It was a city in ancient Persia, located near the city of Shiraz (in Pasargad County), and is today an archaeological site and one of Iran's UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Cyrus the Great began building the capital in 546 BC or later; it was unfinished when he died in battle, in 530 or 529 BC.

Though there is no firm evidence identifying the tomb as that of Cyrus, Greek historians tell that Alexander believed it was.

When Alexander looted and destroyed Persepolis, he paid a visit to the tomb of Cyrus.

Experts agree that the planning of future dam projects in Iran will merit an earlier examination of the risks to cultural resource properties.

All agree that the humidity created by it will speed up the destruction of Pasargadae, yet experts from the Ministry of Energy believe it could be partially compensated for by controlling the water level of the reservoir. In 1930, the Brazilian poet Manuel Bandeira published a poem called "Vou-me embora pra Pasárgada" ("I'm off to Pasargadae" in Portuguese), in a book entitled Libertinagem.No trace of any such inscription survives, and there is considerable disagreement to the exact wording of the text.Strabo reports that it read: In particular, the tomb at Pasargadae has almost exactly the same dimensions as the tomb of Alyattes II, father of the Lydian King Croesus; however, some have refused the claim (according to Herodotus, Croesus was spared by Cyrus during the conquest of Lydia, and became a member of Cyrus' court).The Gate R, located at the eastern edge of the palace area, is the oldest known freestanding propylaeum.It may have been the architectural predecessor of the Gate of All Nations at Persepolis.The following is an extract, in the original then in a translation: Vou-me embora pra Pasárgada Lá sou amigo do rei Lá tenho a mulher que eu quero Na cama que escolherei […] E quando eu estiver mais triste Mas triste de não ter jeito Quando de noite me der Vontade de me matar — Lá sou amigo do rei — Terei a mulher que eu quero Na cama que escolherei Vou-me embora pra Pasárgada.

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