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You need to look desperate and tired, which you probably already are, but most important, look friendly.Whenever you see a movie about a backpacker who finally manages to get someone to stop for him, he always runs up along side the car before it has stopped and starts banging the car side.And this is especially true for the runaway backpacker.

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When he opens the window/door, thank him for stopping and ask him if he/she’s going where you’re going.

If you notice a plume of smoke escaping from the window or the driver looks a bit nuts, politely decline.

At that time, Wilson County Sheriff’s officials told the paper that booking information could not be made public because the process was not yet complete.

One day later, after several phone calls and an email, Wilson County Sheriff’s Office refused to give us this public information, but would not explain why.

Many drivers often require you to do this just as a precaution.

The next step is to just enjoy being off your feet and make a little chitchat. -If you are a guy traveling with a girl, let her put her thumb out while you hide.

You can increase your chances if you smile, look friendly and sport neat cloths.

However, if you’re wearing a suit or smiling maniacally, that’s no good either. You need to play the part of a young backpacker who really needs a ride.

This is totally unnecessary and won’t be appreciated by your driver.

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